8 Reasons Why Adult Paint by Number Kits Are Popular

adult paint by number kits
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Are you looking for a creative, easy way to deal with stress and make something beautiful at the same time? Adult paint by number kits may be just for you. Although you may have a vision of simple designs in mind with one or two colors, these kits for adults can have you creating artwork that you would be proud to display on a wall.

Read on to learn why paint by number kits became so popular and their numerous benefits!


1. Easy to Start


The barrier to entry with paint by number kits is very low! This is because many of the kits available have everything you need, such as paint and brushes.

Thinking about gathering all the necessary supplies for any kind of creative endeavor can be daunting – especially when you’re unsure of the ideal supplies. Paint by number kits easily remove this barrier.


2. For All Skill Levels



You can find adult paint by number kits for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Experienced painters can still use these kits to relax and work with different tones and subjects they’re unfamiliar with.

Beginners will benefit because it’s similar to being guided by a painting instructor. Through the precisely numbered canvas, knowing where to paint and what colors to choose is decided for you.

As a beginner, you’ll be able to experience firsthand how certain colors and brushstrokes create different effects on the canvas. It’s also much less intimidating when you know there’s a definite starting and ending point for your project.


3. Color Toning


Adult Paint by number kits aren’t just for relaxation – you’re learning a new skill as you paint. Color toning is all about how an image is defined and how a two-dimensional object can appear three-dimensional with the right application of colors.

You’ll see how light and shadow help define an object and make it appear realistically substantial. You’ll also see how paintings are built through multiple layers of color that don’t make sense individually.

Soon, you’ll learn to look at a subject and break it down into areas of color. You’ll find that painting is less about focusing on the finished subject and more about focusing on one small area at a time.


4. Combating Stress


Paint by number kits are great to help handle stress. As you focus on painting with the right colors and applying the paint evenly, the mindfulness and attention required eases your current anxieties away.


5. Developing Motor Control



Becoming an accomplished painter is also about developing your fine motor skills. You need a steady hand in order to paint within the edges, and paint by number kits are the perfect way to practice.

Having control over your brushes is one of the most important skills to learn when it comes to painting. Even if you know the colors you’d like to apply, you need to be able to control your brush to apply them the right way.


6. Self-Confidence


Much like completing a puzzle, memorizing a poem, or writing a story, finishing a painting grants you a tangible reward and sense of accomplishment. You’ll be able to display your work or save them and see how your skills have improved over time.

By accomplishing something that doesn’t have to do with your career, you’re also creating a new mindset. Your perspective of the world improves when you know you’re capable of accomplishing things that don’t have to do with your career trajectory.


7. Learning New Skills



Learning a new skill, in general, has a host of benefits. As you challenge yourself, you’re strengthening your mind. In fact, according to UCL research, practicing a new skill increases the density of your myelin. This is the white matter of your brain that improves your task performance.

Learning and challenging yourself stimulates neurons in your brain, forming more neural pathways and decreasing the time it takes for electrical impulses to travel. You’ll be constantly improving the way your mind works and staving off dementia at the same time.


8. Encouraging the Pursuit of Art


Paint by number kits are a great introduction to art. If these kits are your first experience with art, you may find that you have a love for painting that you didn’t realize before. It can be the gateway for even more creative projects, or it can inspire you to continue learning about art and how to improve your painting techniques.


History of Adult Paint By Number Kits


These kits have actually been around for a long time. They were first developed and commercialized by Max S. Klein in the 1950s, who was an engineer and owner of the Palmer Paint Company in Michigan. The commercial artist Dan Dobbins helped create them.

Although some people dismiss them as amateurish and elementary, Leonardo Da Vinci is actually known to be the first person who created them. He did this in order to assign his assistants to paint certain areas of work he sketched out and numbered.


Paint By Number Tips


Even though this is an incredibly accessible hobby, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you get started.


1. Prepare Your Station



Clear a flat area for your work. Have a cup of water and towel nearby to clean your brushes as you work. When you’re done painting, make sure to completely clean your brushes.

If your canvas is wrinkled, spray a light mist of water onto the back and iron it on a low setting.

Remember to close your paint lids if you’re not using them to avoid drying out the paint. However, if it dries, you can restore its texture by adding water and mixing.


2. The Right Order


As you work, start from top to bottom – this makes it easier to avoid smearing paint or getting it on your clothes. It’s also recommended to start with either the lightest colors or the darkest colors first. This helps you learn about the tones of colors.

Another method is focusing on the largest areas first. These areas are typically easier to paint and require less fine motor control. As you move on to smaller and smaller areas, you’ll have an easier time because you’ll have more control over your brush.


3. Mixing Colors


If you see two numbers in one shape, this indicates that you need to mix them together before applying them to the canvas. Mix equal portions together on a palette or piece of paper, not on the picture itself. Be sure to clean your brush before you dip it into each paint color to avoid contaminating the colors.


4. Patience is Key


Focus on applying the paint evenly and gently instead of trying to paint as quickly as possible. The pressure you apply to the brush should only be enough to slightly bend the tips as the brush glides across the canvas’s surface.

You don’t actually need a lot of paint color for each section, even though you may be tempted to apply as much as possible at the first attempt. Apply less than you think you’ll need onto your brush. Once you see how the paint absorbs into the canvas, it will be easier to judge how much paint to gather on your brush.


5. Consider a Framed Canvas


You may find it easier to start with a framed canvas. This is because the frame helps keep the canvas tight while you work, avoiding creases.


6. Before and After Photos


Take a photo of your canvas before you even begin painting. This will help you see what colors go with certain sections if you forgot and they’re already covered up. You’ll also have the visual delight of sharing a before and after with friends and family. The visual transformation of a bare to full canvas is always satisfying.


Creating Your First Masterpiece


If you’ve even been slightly interested in adult paint by number kits but had a visualization of them as something amateurish and elementary, hopefully, you’re now fully aware of the numerous benefits. Not only do these kits provide fun and relaxation, but they also develop an appreciation of painting and a development of skills

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