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How Tiger Paint by Number Help Your Child’s Development

drawings of tiger lilies

Have you tried creating your own colorful painting? Perhaps a colorful tiger? Trying to come with a unique paint canvas panel art could be hard for any beginner. Especially if you have no experience in art or unable to be creative.


Don’t worry though, because you do not need to be an expert to use acrylic paint brushes or acrylic paints on a canvas panel. All you need is interest and dedication to learning. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this dilemma, and that’s through a tiger paint by numbers kit.

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A tiger paint by numbers kit and reference sheet/reference picture is a great way create your own painting without being an expert. A paint by numbers kit includes the following:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Reference picture/reference sheet
  • Metal pins
  • Instructions
  • Frames

tiger painting canvas


You can use the metal pins to hanging create beautiful numbers kit of your choice, especially a tiger paint by number kit made with acrylic paints. In fact, you can be as creative with the paint as you want. You can create water color paintings, and all you need to do is add water to complete it. Water colors requires you to add water so you can mix the colors accurately.

When you are able to successfully complete the picture with the help of the instructions, you’ll have an amazing canvas painting which you can give to your kids, friends, or simply leave it hanging on your wall as a way to add joy and life to your living room.

tiger lily painting


As adults, you also get to take a break from your busy life for a few minutes, and enjoy a few pages of paint by number kits at your convenience. Your kids/children will most likely feel appreciated if you give them something personal. This goes with most adults as well.

If you are looking to create some crafts and give the finished product to your children, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be teaching you how to make fabric paint by number tiger paintings for your home.

We will also be teaching you how to buy an already made tiger paint by numbers kit fabric canvas which you can enjoy painting at your own convenience. We will also be sharing some valuable tips and details to make your tiger paint by numbers canvas kit come to life.

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Classic Tiger Paint: Tiger Symbolism and Meaning

Before trying to create painting with fine canvas details, it’s important to know the background of a tiger and what it means to create a painting with a tiger on it.


Tigers symbolize strength, cunning, majesty, confidence, protection, immorality, security, and independence.

If a tiger caught your eye, that means that you somehow resonate with the meaning these animals hold. Besides humans, these giant cats are known to have no rivals other than their own species.

tiger lily watercolor painting


Their powerful jaws exert a whopping 1000 pounds of strength compared to a lion. So if you were to associate these animals in your paint by numbers canvas, it could mean you are just as powerful.

White Tiger Symbolism

In nature, this species of big cat is quite rare to spot in the wild. Humans have tragically exploited and inbred them to cater to entertainment. However, this breed of tiger has inspired many cultures.

Historically, they have symbolized virtue, peace, and courage. According to Japanese legends, the White Tiger is associated as a supernatural, celestial being. They hold peace throughout the land and would appear in the sky as a virtuous and courages leader.

Five Acrylic Paint Brushes: Native American Symbolism of Tigers

tiger lily acrylic painting

Animal symbols have been an important part of Indian lifestyle. They often use these symbols in ceremonies, healing rituals, and even for successful hunts. If you are familiar with animal totems, native Americans used this a lot in clans and gatherings.

They used these symbols to represent family or a clan. Since there were big cats in their reservation areas, the word tiger represented other species like mountain lions, pumas, or cheetahs.

The symbol of a tiger represents courage, ambition, and power. It means releasing fears and owning up to your truth.

Acrylic Paints: How to Purchase Your Own Tiger Paint By Number Kits Online

Purchasing a paint by number kit is not hard. In fact it is actually quite easy to do and equally easy to search for. So, what’s the first thing that you need to do?

ACIOPPL Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner Students Kids DIY Acrylic Painting Kits White Tiger Oil Paint by Numbers Animals on Canvas 16x20 inch Home Wall Decor Arts Craft Gift Tiger
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  • 2. 💎【High-quality materials】 Paint is a non-toxic, safe, high quality acrylic paint. Reduces the damage of the odor to the body and safe...
  • 3. 🌈【Enrich life】Paint by numbers is a very beneficial activity, it can help the brain relax, improve memory function and problem-solving...

The first step to purchasing a paint by numbers painting is to search for a reputable online store that has the paint by number painting that you want. Online shopping has become a benefit these days. It gives customers the chance to explore the online shopping store, view the price, look at the location, promotions, deals, and pin them to the cart add option on the store.

You also get to save your favorite paint by numbers painting until you are ready to purchase it from the store site. You can then have it shipped to you or ask the sellers to notify when they are going to ship the paint by numbers kit to you.


Sometimes, when looking for a paint by number canvas, the store will ask you to create an account with them so it will be easy to cart add and checkout. First subscribe or create a subscription with the site.

After creating an account, make sure to sign in. After you sign, in you can adjust through the filters to find the deals with the best price. All of those filters can be adjusted by reviews, link, sell price, review, stock number or how many reviews sold.


When you have already sorted through the stock, reviews, and price, you can then add the item to your cart. You can also see how many items have been sold by that particular store.

When choosing a painting kit, its important to note that review/reviews are important regardless of the price of the item. A review/reviews help the item look more trustworthy and popular based on the good reviews of the item.

The price is also important to note. Make sure that the item is worth its price. After you are okay with the price, you can then add the item to your cart.

photos of tiger lilies


Once you are okay with the price and all the other details, you can then start adding the items to your cart and pay for it. At checkout, it will mention the price inside the cart, how you would like to pay, and where it you want to ship it. There is also a price for the shipping, so make sure to only consider what you are comfortable with.

After that you can sit back and wait for your item to arrive. Once you already have it with you, you can start enjoying being creative with your family and friends even if you do not have any artistic ability.

If you want quality paint by numbers kits that you and your kids will enjoy, check out Ledgebay store and get your kits now!

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