Paint by Number Kits in Stores vs Online Purchase – Pros and Cons

In today’s article, we’ll compare paint by number kits in stores vs the ones that you can find online.

There are paint by number kits offered at many stores. Here’s what kind of quality to expect from them and top alternatives to explore:


Paint by Number Kits in Stores: What to Expect



Pro: Paint by Number Kits in Stores – You’ll Be Able to Try Out and Feel the Quality of the Canvas

Being able to try out the quality and materials of items is one of the biggest advantages that physical stores have over online ones, regardless of the product you’re purchasing.

Touching the canvas is usually one of the easiest ways to feel its durability and ability to handle beginners’ extra pressure.


Con: You Might Not Be Able to Find What You’re Looking for

A physical store will always have limited storage space and a certain procurement budget. For that reason, they can have fewer options than the ones you can find on the internet, which is usually made up of tons of sellers.

If you’re quite picky or looking for something specific, there’s a huge chance you might come back home with empty hands.


Pro: You Can Take Them Home Almost Immediately

Unless you’re viewing the kits from a catalog (which is online shopping but with extra steps), you’re almost sure that the item you’re looking for is available.

Despite that, you should be careful not to buy the last piece if it shows signs of wear due to showcasing.


Con: Paint by Number Kits in Stores – They’re Usually a Little Pricier

In addition to the products, there are various upfront costs of having a brick-and-mortar store. This includes rent, salaries, bills, and more!

All these extra charges usually make their products slightly more expensive than buying them online.


Pro: The Store Owner and Sellers Might Provide You with Helpful Tips

Sales assistants and store owners are usually in business for years or even decades, making them excellent consultants when it comes to finding what you’re looking for.

They also have a pretty thorough knowledge of the pieces they have in the store, so they can match you up quickly with what you need.


Con: They Can be Quite a Few in Your Area

Paint by number kits has a huge fanbase. However, there are usually quite a few businesses that deal in their kits.

On the other hand, there are tons of options on Amazon with tons of sellers from all over the nation which translates to more options than your local store.


Pro: Paint by Number Kits in Stores – The Experience Can Be Therapeutic and Enriching

For some people, even the experience of being among the things they love is enriching enough.

If you’re a huge paint by numbers fan, going downtown to visit your local store can be as fun as a little field trip!


Con: The Process Might Be Time Consuming

To buy a paint by numbers kit from a store, you’ll need to also weigh in the time you need to go out, and physically browse hundreds of choices until you find the one that appeals to you the most.

If you have a pretty tight schedule, this might be quite a time-consuming endeavor.


Paint by Number Kits Online: What to Expect



Pro: A Much Wider Range of Options

With the huge success of online sales recently, almost all products available out there are listed online somewhere, with Amazon and Etsy being some of the largest markets to buy the kits.

In other words, you’ll be able to browse thousands of options from the comfort of your home!


Con: You Won’t Be Able to Feel the Quality of the Canvas

A downside of buying paint by number kits online is that you won’t get to try out the quality of the canvas.

However, such a downside is easily dodged through buyer’s guides and reviews from previous buyers. There are various reputable sellers that are known for supplying excellent quality kits.


Pro: They’re Conveniently Available 24/7

Not all brick and mortar stores are available around the clock, and many of them would be closed on weekends, which might be the only available time window for you to buy these kits.

However, the vast majority of online stores are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which allows you to shop quickly and easily!


Con: They Take a Little While to Arrive

In most cases, shipping can take anywhere between 1 day to several weeks. It depends on your region and online shop shipping policy.

If you’re in a rush, such as last-minute gifting, buying paint by number kits online might not be suitable for you.


Pro: You Can Still View the Design Pattern

Although you can’t touch the canvas itself, most sellers would provide high-resolution images for the canvas that shows the design pattern. Which you can use to find out more about the painting. Such as complexity and how easy it is to paint it.


Con: Less Likely to Find Help Online

If you’re looking for something quite personal or specific, you might not have a lot of luck finding help online.

However, you might be lucky enough to find guides and user reviews to help you while shopping.


Things to Consider While Deciding Between Paint by Number Kits in Stores vs Online



Here are some aspects and critical points of consideration while deciding between paint by number kits from stores or online.


The Durability of the Canvas

If you care about the durability of canvas, consider visiting a local store. That way you can test out the sturdiness of the canvas yourself.

However, if you only need a moderately sturdy canvas this may not be the case. Finding a reputable seller online might get you what you need without the extra hassle.


The Quality and Types of Paints

There are various paints used for painting on canvas. The ideal one for both beginners and experts is acrylic paint.

Make sure that you check the quality of paints both online and in-store before making up your mind.

Also, if you come across the same items both online and in a store, they can be the same item. So, going for the higher-rated and more affordable one is usually the wise thing to do.


The Accessories Included

In addition to the pre-printed painting canvas, you still need to buy a set of acrylic colors as well as different brushes for a precise painting.

Also, you might still need to get hooks, frames, and renderings to get the job done. As a rule of thumb, most online kits will offer the necessary items. Store-bought kits might charge extra for them.


Seller’s Reputation and Rating

Whether you’re buying the paint by number kit from a store or online, the same is true. It’s extremely essential to do a little research about the seller and how reliable their products are.


Paint by Number Kits in Stores vs Online – Final Words



As you can see, both brick and mortar stores and online ones have their own set of pros and cons.

If the quality of the materials and colors are your absolute priority, you might want to go for store-bought options.

However, if you are a beginner who is still starting their paint by number experience, buying them online might be a much better option to consider.

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