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Lake Paint by Numbers – The Top 2022 Picks


We’ve selected these lake paint by numbers kits for you so you can take a deep dive into one yourself.

Lakes are fascinating and mysterious. There’s something about these bodies of water that usually appeals to artists. If you’re into painting, then you’ll love the list below.

1. COLORWORK Acrylic Pigment Lakeside Boat DIY Paint by Numbers Kit

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting Kit for Adults, 16" W x 20" L Drawing Paintwork with Paintbrushes, Acrylic Pigment-Lakeside Boat
  • Free-hand Oil Painting?: It's a paint by number kit for adults; you can calm down and concentrate your attention by painting the small areas in...
  • No Paint Mixing or Blending: provide good paint coverage to cover the lines and numbers; enough pigment to cover the numbers with one coat of...
  • Paintbrush Kit: comes as a kit of 3 different sizes separately for big or small areas to do the super fine lines and details easily;...

Kicking off with a gorgeous canvas that looks like a vintage oil painting but minus the hassle. The DIY Paint by Numbers Kit from COLORWORK can help you unwind after a busy day. It directs your attention to painting its various small sections.

The best part? Well, once you’re done, you get to enjoy a beautiful scene of a lakeside boat that you created yourself.

You don’t need to mix or add water to the paint, which makes this kit all the more convenient. Especially for beginners. It comes with a set of high-quality acrylic paints that provide good pigmentation, enough to cover the printed numbers and lines with a single coat.

The COLORWORK Paint by Numbers Kit also includes a paintbrush set consisting of 3 different brush sizes to improve your precision as you paint large and small areas. The bristles are made of nylon so they’re very easy to clean.

Complete with a durable high-density canvas, this lake paint by numbers kit works as a great gift for adults of all ages.

2. Lake Paint by Numbers – TOCARE Silent Mountain Lake Paint by Number Kits

TOCARE Mountains Paint by Number Kit for Adults Nature,Adult Paint by Number Mountain Lake,Acrylic Adults' Paint-by-Number Kits Canvas 16x20Inch
  • Target for : This is adult paint by number kits who would like to get the advanced painting project, enjoy the pleasure of concentration and...
  • Easy to paint: just follow the detailed instructions and you can paint a beautiful painting. Decorate home with the painting with happiness.
  • How to do: Just match the numbers of the paint and the figures on the canvas to fill in the paint, You can be the artist for oil painting without...

If you’re looking for a pretty lake paint by numbers kit to train your patience and concentration, then this one from TOCARE may be exactly what you need.

This kit is an excellent option for adults who would like to try an advanced painting project. It’ll boost their confidence to finish a painting from beginning to end. As a reward, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of a shiny lake surrounded by trees and a snowy mountain.

Once again, mixing or adding water to the included paint isn’t necessary as the paint arrives ready for use out of the pot. The included set of acrylic paints is non-toxic, easy to apply, and has adequate pigmentation.

The TOCARE Paint by Numbers Kit also comes with 3 different brush sizes to enhance your precisions, as well as hooks for hanging your creation on a wall after it’s finished. The pre-printed textured art canvas measures 16 x 20 inches.

3. TUMOVO Loon Lake Kit

TUMOVO Adult Paint by Numbers, Loon Lake DIY Painting Kit for Adults On Canvas Lakeside Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner Chalet Wall Art Home Decor, Lake Landscape, 16"x20"
  • 【Painting by Numbers Kits】Paint by numbers kit included 1pc pre-printed textured canvas (without framed), 1 set acrylic pigment, 3pcs...
  • 【Easy to Paint】Paint by numbers suitable for all skills levels adults kids. You only match the numbers of the paint and the figures on canvas...
  • 【Quality Canvas】The paint by number is made of high-quality canvas, and even creases can be easily eliminated. The latest color printing is...

Next up, we have a lovely painting from TUMOVO showcasing a cozy lakeside view with an extravagant wooden cabin overlooking a lake.

Not only does this paint by numbers kit feature bright colors that are non-toxic, non-polluting, and fade-resistant, but it also uses clear figures and lines that you can easily see and fully cover with paint.

This kit is one of the best gifts for artists of all skill levels, offering a good balance between simplicity and detail. It comes with 3 different sizes of high stretch nylon paintbrushes for smooth application and better precision.

What’s more, this kit becomes waterproof after the pigment dries up completely, allowing you to simply wipe its surface with a damp cloth if it collects dust. You can even use your iron to flatten the creases out from the backside of the canvas before painting.

4. Dimensions PaintWorks Lakeside Morning Paint by Numbers Kit

Dimensions PaintWorks Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults and Kids, Lakeside Morning, 20'' x 16''
335 Reviews
Dimensions PaintWorks Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults and Kids, Lakeside Morning, 20'' x 16''
  • Scenic paint by numbers kit includes high-quality acrylic paints, printed art board, paintbrush, and easy instructions.
  • Completed Lakeside Morning scenic painting measures 20'' x 16''.
  • Follow the instructions of this easy paint by numbers kit to create your very own cabin wall art!

This kit by PaintWorks is part of their dimensions collection and it’s another excellent option for those looking to buy a lake paint by numbers kit. It includes a 16 inches W x 20 inches L frameless canvas, a set of acrylic paints, and a paintbrush.

Paint-wise, there’s some mixing required before you can color in some areas of the canvas, but it’s a simple 50:50 ratio so you don’t need to worry about it being too complex. The included set of acrylic paint is safe and eco-friendly, providing enough pigmentation to fully cover the easy-to-see numbers and lines.

This beautiful painting of a lakeside comes with a very fine paintbrush that keeps its point rather well. It’ll help you fill in all the small spaces with precision.

If you fit the plastic protector over the bristles after each use, you can keep the small brush in good condition. You can also use this brush for painting the larger sections, but feel free to buy a bigger brush if you want.

5. Wowdecor Aurora Star Lake Painting Kit

Last but not least, the Wowdecor Paint by Numbers Kit displays a mesmerizing view of a lake with an Aurora in the sky.

The finished painting has a size of 16 x 20 inches, which works as a nice frame to decorate your office, bedroom, or hallway wall after you’re done.

This kit comes with a set of high-quality acrylic paints, and a set of 3 paintbrushes. As well as simple instructions, and a pre-printed texture canvas. It’s a good option for painting enthusiasts of all skill levels as no blending is needed.

Tips for Applying Color and Brushes’ Care in Paint by Numbers Kits


If you’re new to the world of painting by number, here are some tips to help you achieve the best possible results with your creations:

  1. You should paint the larger sections first, then go smaller as you progress. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll also help you avoid accidental smudging.
  2. Start painting at the top section of the canvas, then move to lower areas as you progress. This will also help you avoid smudges.
  3. While painting, try to fill in all the sections corresponding to the color you’re using before moving using a different color. This will help take away any confusion in terms of the coloring sequence.
  4. For the most part, you can’t go wrong by starting with the lights then going in with the darks as this will help you get a better idea of how the painting will look at the end.
  5. Don’t rush the painting process and allow enough drying time.
  6. Cover the numbers by using multiple layers of paint if the pigmentation is lacking.
  7. Plan the amount of paint you’ll lay down carefully. You should use enough paint to provide good coverage but still try to be as precise as possible. Don’t apply too much paint so you don’t run out of colors mid-painting.
  8. Close the paint cup when not in use. Otherwise, the paint may become too dry to apply.
  9. Always clean your brush before going in with a different color as well as after you’re done with the current painting session.
  10. Don’t use the same brush to scoop paint out of the pot, mix paint, and paint. Instead, use any splitting, old, or low-quality brush you have lying around to scoop out and mix paint. Save the good brushes for applying paint to the canvas.
  11. Don’t store your brushes in water cups while painting. Instead, keep them flat on your painting station.
  12. Clean your brushes using warm water. It’ll help you get the paint off more easily.

Lake Paint by Numbers – Wrap Up

There you have it, our 5 best lake paint by numbers kits to indulge your inner artist.

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