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Original Paint by Numbers Review – Quality and Pricing


Of course, there are many paint by number kits on the market, but none can beat the quality of Original Paint by Numbers. In this Original Paint by Numbers review, we’ll discuss the company’s best features, downsides, and price range in depth.

If you haven’t tried painting by numbers yet, you might want to give it a shot. After a stressful week, relaxing next to a canvas with a paintbrush may be as therapeutic as reading a book. Only when you paint, you’ll be making a piece of art that you can hang around your home.

Let’s dive in!

Original Paint by Numbers Review – General Features

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Original Paint by Numbers has a huge fan base worldwide. This website sells some of the best and most versatile pictures to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

Yet, despite having admirers everywhere, many people were not satisfied with this company. So, what’s there to like about Original Paint by Numbers, and what should you think twice about?

Our role is to give you a better idea of what to expect when you purchase a painting kit from these guys. So, let’s break down every positive and negative feature.

Large Selection of Pictures

pictures selection

One of the best things about Original Paint by Numbers is that this site offers you a big variety of painting canvases to suit your mood. Whether you’d like to paint a portrait or a beautiful landscape, you should find the right match for your taste.

On the website, you’ll find several categories including People, Art, and Outdoor. Clicking on any of these tabs will open a page of countless pictures that you can order with a small tap.

Something I really like about Original Paint by Numbers is that this company creates pieces for many occasions. Some are perfect for the seasons of the year, others suit the spirit of Christmas Day, while a few may be awesome Mother’s Day gifts.

Suits All Types of Artists

Another cool thing about this website is that it has a multitude of options to suit every skill level. A beginner will find decent pictures with fewer colors and larger areas to paint with no difficulty. An advanced painter can also order something a bit more complex.

Plus, there are canvases made especially for kids so that you can paint with your little ones.

kid painting

Custom Paint By Number Canvas

This is something that Original Paint by Numbers excels at, and you may not easily find it on the market. This company lets you upload an image of your choosing to be made into a paint by number canvas. You can find this option under the Create Your Own tab.

This picture could be a portrait of someone special, a design you like, a photo of nature that you love, or a digital art you’ve made, etc. The possibilities are endless here as long as the file you upload stays below the maximum size as requested by the website.

This can be a fantastic idea for a wedding anniversary gift. Simply enough, send your spouse’s picture to the website, have it delivered to your house, and paint it using the brushes and colors that come with the kit.

It’ll be a nice DIY gift that you’ve put some effort in even if you’re not the best artist out there.

Great Canvas and Paint Quality

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What sets this company apart from other manufacturers is that it takes special care when choosing the quality of its products. According to those who tried the kits, the canvas was a pleasant surprise.

The canvas is made of top-quality linen, which is thicker and more durable than cotton. Also, the textured nature of linen allows the paint to stick quickly to its surface. This can be especially user-friendly for someone who’s not familiar with painting that much.

Each canvas comes with an acrylic paint set, and each color is numbered to make the painting task a lot easier for everyone. These numbers match the ones on the canvas, which appear big and clear enough for anyone to see.

Usually, you’ll find three paintbrushes in every paint by number kit. These brushes are sized small, medium, and large to suit each area that you’re trying to cover with paint.

Mid-tier Prices

One thing a lot of people admired about Original Paint by Numbers is that this brand offers a big selection of prices. On average, a painting kit is usually between 30 and 40 bucks.

Even choosing the Create Your Own option won’t charge you more, which is what I wasn’t expecting.

The website also includes a Buy 2 Get 1 Free section, which is an awesome deal to benefit from. You can always stay updated on the site’s offers if you sign up for their newsletter. This way, you’ll be able to save some cash while doing one of your favorite hobbies.

All in all, when it comes to the pricing of Original Paint by Numbers, the majority of reviewers thought it was fair and square. When compared to the quality of each painting kit, we think that it’s worth the cost.


Like everything in life, Original Paint by Numbers may have a drawback or two according to user testimonies. For example, a lot of people had to wait for their orders for an entire month before they reached their doorstep. Ultimately, some customers didn’t receive their orders at all.

Another downside of this company is its poor customer service. It can be a long while before they respond to your complaints or suggestions, which has left a lot of people dissatisfied.

However, the company claimed that these issues and delays were due to COVID-19. By now, everything should be back to normal. Hopefully.


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What are some tips for painting by numbers?

Paint by numbers is fairly easy to do by anyone, but the following guidelines could make your experience more fun and mistake-free.

  • Start by painting the background first to outline the rest of the painting
  • Paint from the top left corner if you’re right-handed and vice versa
  • Always close the paint pot lid after use
  • Add a few drops of water to the paint for a better flow
  • Use different types of brushes for different color regions
  • Don’t forget to clean your brushes thoroughly when you’re done

What can I do if I paint a section of the canvas with the wrong color?

If you’ve not been paying attention and used the wrong paint color, don’t worry. A lot of people make this mistake, and solving it is even more simple than you think.

All you’ll have to do is let the paint dry completely. Then, dip the brush in the right color and just add layer after layer of paint over the old one. Pretty easy, right?

Is paint by numbers legit?

Paint by numbers is definitely a legit activity and not a scam. It is an innovative, creative way to express yourself while having fun in the process! Many satisfied customers have received their painting kits and even received shipping confirmations to show its authenticity.

Not only is it enjoyable, but it is a great tactile activity as you get to unbox your supplies, mix the paint colours together and bring the piece of art to life with your own brush strokes.

What’s more? It is affordable too – allowing anyone from any walk of life to join in on the growing trend of shape-painting. All signs are pointing towards yes – is paint by numbers legit? Without a doubt it is!

Original Paint by Numbers Review – Wrap Up

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One of the coolest things about a paint by numbers kit is that it can be the perfect gift, a good addition to your home decor, or a way to relax. Whatever you plan to do with it, buying a kit from Original Paint by Numbers may be worth a shot.

Hopefully, after reading our Original Paint by Numbers review, you can take a moment to decide if you should invest in one of their products or not. Despite the high quality and versatility, keep in mind that the company has had many shipping and customer service issues.

Now, the decision is up to you!

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