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Paint By Number Brush Types – And How They Are Used Properly

paint by number brush types


If details are important in normal-sized paintings, they’re even more vital in detailed artwork. A dedicated miniature paint by number brush will give you more control and precision, leading to impressive results.  Read on for our reviews of three miniature brush sets that all have paint by number brush types from Ledgebay.   A company known for its wide range of reliable professional-quality paint brushes. We also compiled an in-depth look at paint by numbers brush types.


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brush Reviews


We reviewed three Ledgebay sets that come with 7, 12, and 15 brushes.


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes – 7 Brushes


If you’re new to paint by numbers kits and unsure whether you’re going to keep up the hobby, you can’t go wrong with this seven-brush kit. The brushes are sturdy and can stand up to a lot of cleaning.

The set contains seven miniature brushes to cover all your precision painting needs: Two liners in sizes 4/0 and 1, two rounds in sizes 4/0 & 1, one flat in size 1, and two spots in sizes 0 and 1. Different tip shapes ensure you always have the right brush for your artwork.

Use them for paint-by-numbers kits, fine makeup detailing on your cosplay, or even traditional Japanese calligraphy. Store them in the complementary soft drawstring bag or the reusable plastic tube, or use both for extra protection.

They also come with a guide to brush care and a microfiber towel so you don’t have to keep using paper towels. The package also includes a touching personal note from Ledgebay about the company’s history and drive.



  • Suitable for a wide range of mediums
  • Evenly cut bristles guarantee smooth paint application
  • Brush tips are protected with plastic covers for extra protection



  • May have a strong scent upon unpacking


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes – 12 Brushes


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For professional-level painting across many mediums like watercolor, oil, and gouache, as well as various types of hobby and gamer model painting, this 12-brush set provides an excellent range of versatility in detailed artwork.

This set comes with 12 miniature brushes: Four liners in sizes 4/0, 3/0, 1, and 0, four rounds in sizes 4/0, 3/0, 1, and 0, two flats in sizes 1 and 0, and two spot brushes in sizes 0 and 1.

These brushes also come with excellent balance, so you can say goodbye to hand pain no matter how tiny your art project is. The handles are specifically designed for extra control and comfort.

The bristles are made of nylon Taklon, which can stand up to a lot of abuse by harsh paint solvents and chemicals. They’re also extremely soft, which guarantees a smooth application of paint.

The Taklon bristles are also highly flexible without losing their shape or shedding. Even better, they’re super-easy to clean and can be reshaped by hand right after rinsing with water.



  • Nylon Taklon bristles are eco-friendly
  • Ideal for acrylics, watercolors, and oil
  • Comes with two containers that are easy to store and travel with



  • Some brushes may have uneven bristles


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes – 15 Brushes


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes Fine Tip Brush Set for Micro Detail | Hand Crafted Perfectly Balanced & Weighted Wood Handles, Taklon Bristles for Painting Model, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor (15, Wood)
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Whatever your preferred medium is, you can cover all your bases with this set.   Its versatile range of paint by number brush types is guaranteed to get any job done, while the fine tips are excellent for micro details in watercolors, oil, acrylics, enamel, and hobby paints.

The set contains 15 brushes: Five liners in sizes 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1, five rounds in sizes 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1, three flats in sizes 2/0, 0, and 1, and two spot brushes in sizes 0 and 1.

Each brush comes with a hand-crafted handle of stunning birchwood protected with a seven-layer lacquer coating for a professional look. Moreover, the handles are ideally weighted and balanced in an ergonomic design for optimal comfort, control, and precision.

This set is also suitable for painting miniatures, nails, and figurines, as well as face paint, craft works, and rock paint.



  • Triangular handle shape allows easier angling for more precision
  • Excellent for D&D, Warhammer 40K, and other gaming miniatures
  • Eco-friendly reusable plastic container



  • Some brushes may fail to form a point


Brush Materials


The bristles are the single most important part of your brush. They’re responsible for picking up enough paint and spreading it smoothly, and they’re a major factor in a brush’s price.




These bristles are made of animal hair, which is a by-product of the food and textile industries. The microscopic scales on each hair make it better-equipped to pick up paint and hang on to it, but make it a little more difficult to clean.

A natural-hair brush’s performance and price depend on the animal the bristles came from. Here are the most common animal hairs used:

  • Sable
  • Squirrel
  • Hog
  • Camel
  • Goat
  • Pony


The shorter the hairs, the easier and more available the brush. Longer hairs usually come on more expensive brushes. A brush can come with purely natural hair or hair that has been blended with other natural or synthetic hairs for varying degrees of performance and price.

Natural-hair brushes are ideal for oil-based paints and watercolors. They should be avoided when using acrylics for two reasons:

  • They’re easily damaged by the caustic nature of acrylics.
  • Painting with acrylics means you have to keep your brush immersed in water, which can ruin natural fibers very quickly.


Synthetic Brush Type


These are man-made bristles that are made of various materials, such as nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. They can be treated and shaped in different ways to improve their ability to carry and disperse color.

A common polyester filament is Taklon, which is usually dyed and baked to be softer and absorbent than average synthetic brushes.

Synthetic brushes are ideal for painting with water-based latex paints like acrylics, because they can stand up to their abuse.


Synthetic Hair Pros


Unlike natural hairs, synthetic bristles come with a number of advantages:

  • Synthetic hairs are less vulnerable to damage by solvents and chemicals in paints.
  • Because they lack the scale structure in animal hairs, they’re much easier to clean.
  • They’re remarkably more durable than natural hairs.


Brush Shapes For Paint By Number


Paint brushes come in a variety of shapes, all of which can be used with any medium you like. Here are the most common ones.


Also known as a script or rigger brush, the liner brush is pointed, narrow, and long. It can create controlled lines and can carry a considerable amount of paint, despite its thin shape.


The round brush is the most versatile brush shape hands down. It can create detailed strokes and thicker marks and has a large color-carrying capacity.


Flat brushes come with long, rectangular bristles. Their flat shape gives you flat strokes and can help you define edges and create precise lines. They’re easy to maneuver and can carry a lot of paint.


Also known as a spotter brush, a spot brush is a round brush with the hair clamped where it’s fullest. This gives the brush much shorter hair than other round brushes, which means less flexibility and much better control over the painting process.

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What Makes a Good Paint by Number Brush Type


Here are the main features you want in a reliable paint by numbers brush.



Whether you’re a paint by numbers fan or you enjoy painting miniature D&D figurines, you need a brush that can handle serious detail work. Straying out of the lines can mess up your hard work on the painting.

Firm bristles make the brush similar to a pen in its precision and ability to get the tiniest details right, so you’re in full control of your painting experience.



Not all handle shapes are equally easy to hold. If you’re going to get sucked into a paint by numbers marathon, you need a handle designed for comfortable use. You don’t want to be forced to stop making beautiful art because your hands hurt.

A good triangular design will provide your hands with comfort. In addition, an ideal brush with an ergonomic handle will also be non-slip, so it doesn’t keep slipping or rotating in your grip and making precise detail work impossible.



Whether your brush has natural or synthetic bristles, they need to be even. If a few bristles are longer than the rest, they can mess up your linework. With quality brushes, you can unpack your set and delve right into your artwork, rather than wasting time trimming uneven bristles.

You also want bristles that are just flexible enough to get those tricky corners and nooks without bending back and losing their shape. If the bristles don’t form a point, you won’t be able to do any tiny details or fine work up close.

Your bristles must also be able to maintain their shape after cleaning. Sturdy bristles will be able to stand up to many rinses and can be shaped easily with your fingers immediately after.


Brush Set vs. Individual Brushes


When it comes from a reputable company, a paintbrush set gives you more value for your money. Brush sets typically start from 7-brush sets all the way to 15-brush sets. This provides you with a range of different sizes and shapes for a more versatile experience.

A brush set might cost more at the onset, but it will be much cheaper down the line than buying quality individual brushes. That way, any money you save can go to your other art supplies as well as having many paint by number brush types to choose from when trying to get hit those small spaces.


Conclusion – Paint By Number Brush Types


Whether you pick a set with 15 brushes or seven brushes, no spot is too tiny or tricky for a Ledgebay brush to reach.   With an ergonomic handle that’s also beautiful to look at, you won’t need to worry about hand cramps ever again with these paint by number brush types.

The high-quality nylon Taklon bristles make cleaning and reshaping your brushes a breeze.  While the professional-grade materials ensure that these brushes will be part of your artistic journey for a long time to come.

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