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7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Paint by Numbers Walmart Paint Set for Kids

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Thinking of buying a paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids? Excellent idea! Painting by numbers comes with lots of therapeutic benefits that you don’t want your little one to miss out on.

Besides, your child can learn how to paint. paint by numbers is the perfect and most affordable gateway into painting. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in fees.

Similarly, your child won’t have to endure years of school just to pick up some skills that he/she could’ve easily learned through paint by numbers. It’s kind of a win-win situation.

Your only worry will be buying the best paint by numbers kits for kids. Luckily, there are tons of online stores that stock them.

What if you want to get the kit from a physical store? That’s where Walmart comes in handy. I know Walmart gives you the option to buy anything online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

But when you’re dealing with art, it’s never a bad idea to do some physical shopping. That way you can inspect the kit thoroughly before purchasing it. And you’ll have another excuse to visit the ever-vibrant arts, crafts and sewing section of Walmart.

Think that’s a good idea? Well, here are 7 things to keep in mind when shopping for a paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids.

Here Is Our List of 7 Factors To Consider

1. Kit contents

The best paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids should come complete. It should have everything that your child will need to complete the painting from start to finish.

Generally speaking, a paint by numbers kit should have a canvas, easel (for framed canvas), mounting hardware(for framed canvas), paintbrushes, miniature of the original picture, numbered paint sets and a set of instructions.

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Want to know what each item does? Head over here.

Pro Tip: when buying a kit from Walmart, always look at the packaging for a list of contents. Make sure that everything on the list above appears in the kit. The same applies if you’re buying the kit from any other physical store.

2. Oil vs. Acrylic vs. Watercolor Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers kits for adults mostly contain oil or acrylic paints. Very rarely will you find a kit with watercolor paints. The same applies for kids’ kits.

Most of them are either oil or acrylic. But for the sake of curiosity, we’re also going to include watercolor as an option for your little one. So, how do these three stack up against each other?

  • Construction: oil paint is made by suspending pigment in an oil (typically linseed or walnut oil). Acrylic paint, on the other hand, suspends pigment in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Watercolor has pigment suspended in gum Arabic. Since oil paints use oil, they are insoluble in water. So if you want to thin an oil paint, you’ll have to use turpentine or white spirit. Acrylic and watercolor and both water-based paints. You can thin them with water. Why is this important? Because if your child is too young, you certainly don’t want them handling flammable liquids like white spirit and turpentine. Yet it’s practically impossible to avoid those two when you’re using oil paint. Which means that your best bet is an acrylic paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids.
  • Cleaning: all types of paint can be messy. However, the fact that they are water-based makes both acrylic and watercolor very easy to clean. All you need is water. Oil, on the other hand, will require your child to handle turpentine and white spirit when cleaning up after painting. Again, that’s something you want to avoid. Unless, of course, the child is grown enough to understand how to avoid fire hazards.
  • Quality of art: each of the three types of paint brings something pleasant to the table. Oil’s richness in color and texture gives oil paintings their famous glossy finish. Acrylic, on its part, turn pretty much any artwork into a vibrant and colorful painting. So does watercolor – it creates bright and fresh paintings. That’s down to the transparent nature of watercolor, which in turn allows light from the canvas to filter through color pigments. Feel free to check out this nice comparison of oil and watercolor and this piece which compares acrylic to oil. What you’ll learn is that all three create high-quality paintings. Having said that, if you want your child to create colorful and vibrant paintings, acrylic or watercolor will do. Oil is ideal for paintings that have rich colors and texture.
  • Durability: acrylic paintings last the longest and require minimum maintenance. With occasional dusting, a paint by numbers artwork will last for hundreds of years when painted with acrylic. Oil and watercolor require significantly more attention and effort. The latter will only last a few years unless it’s stored in an airtight glass frame and kept away from moisture. With those conditions it can last for a century or two. Oil, on the other hand, suffers from yellowing over time. There’s not much you can do about that because oil paints simply have poor light-fastness. However, you can make the painting more durable by varnishing it.

Pro Tip: check the package to know the type of paint that’s in the kit. More often than not you’ll see some indication on the top whether it’s an oil, acrylic or watercolor kit.

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3. The Canvas

Paint by numbers canvases are usually made of cotton or linen. While cotton is soft, fluffy and nice to the touch, linen is stronger and more durable. Nonetheless, your child’s painting will look awesome regardless of the material.

In fact, most paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids don’t indicate whether the canvas is cotton or linen. But just in case, keep in mind that cotton is velvety. Your child will probably fall in love with it instantly.

Linen, on the other hand, is the ideal choice if you want a painting that will last long. Combine it with acrylic and you have a top-notch artwork that will last for tens of generations after your child.

Additionally, you may also want to consider the size of the canvas. Most kits measure 20 x 16 inches, but occasionally you’ll find smaller ones that are 16 x 12 or even smaller.

The most ideal size for your little one depends on how tall he/she is. Make sure he/she doesn’t have to strain to reach the top of the canvas when it’s on an easel. Ideally, the top of the canvas should be at his/her eye level.

Pro Tip: apply Gesso on the canvas if the child is going to use oil paint. Gesso makes the paint go on more smoothly. It’s not necessary for acrylic or watercolor paint.

4. Framed vs. Unframed Paint by Numbers

Some paint by numbers canvases come when they’re already framed…

Framed-Paint-By Numbers-Kit

Get this framed paint by numbers for adults and kids here.

…while others are not.


Love this unframed artwork? You can get it here.

The biggest difference here is that if you buy an unframed canvas, you or your child will have to frame it once the painting is done. That’s assuming you want it framed in the first place.

There are so many alternatives to framing art. You can stick it on the wall with washi tape, hang it using command strips, use bulldog clips etc. The point is, a frame is not as important as the art itself. It’s only important if, for some reason, you absolutely have to frame the final piece.

Pro Tip: buying framed canvases costs more than unframed ones. Consider alternative ways of displaying art if you want to save a few bucks.

5. Choosing the Perfect Paint by Numbers Photo

The best paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids should have a photo that a child can clearly see. Most kits usually have the photo printed on the packaging. You’ll also find it inside the kit. You can get an idea of the photo by looking at the one that’s printed on the packaging.

  • First, the photo should be a close up. The focus object should be so much on the foreground that your little one can identify and paint it.
  • Second, vibrant colors make for excellent art, especially to kids. Don’t choose a background that’s too dull or too dark. Instead, stimulate their sense of sight with some colorful photos.

Pro Tip: choose a photo based on your child’s interest. It will grab and retain his/her attention and he/she will enjoy painting it. For example, if your child likes superheroes, make it a superhero painting.

6. Print design

When examining the photo, look at the amount of detail required to complete the painting. In other words, examine the number of things (elements to be painted) in the design.


Look at the above image for example. Great as it looks, it’s extremely detailed. Which means that it has tiny circles, small arcs and all kinds of small shapes to paint.

That’s always challenging, even for adults. Considering your child is still learning, you want to give them a design that they won’t color outside the borders frequently. Because if they constantly make mistakes (like coloring outside the borders) they may feel demoralized and quit on painting altogether.

Something like this should be perfect for toddlers and growing kids:


It’s mostly straight lines and large shapes that are fairly easy to paint.

Pro Tip: designs with only one element in them are easier to paint. For example, your child will find it easier to paint just one tiger in the entire frame. He/she will have a hard time painting a streak of tigers with woods and possibly other things in the background.

7. Price

You really can’t spend what you don’t have, can you? Luckily, most paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids are very affordable. Even the very best one will hardly dent your pocket.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that price is a factor when you’re buying a painting by numbers kit. Some high-end kits come with a sturdy frame, easel, many brushes and high-quality paints.

Pro Tip: in case you’re not entirely sold on the idea of buying kits from Walmart, you can always get them from Ledgebay. There are some exciting paint by number kits for adults, yet they’re simple enough for kids to complete.

Better yet, you can partner with your little one in painting. That’s the kind of bonding that every child deserves. And you can gift your little one simply by purchasing a paint by numbers Walmart paint set for kids.

Here at Ledgebay we are in the final stages of developing a NEW line of paint by numbers just for little ones! Sign up below to be notified when the limited stock goes on sale!

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