17 DIY Acrylic Paintings You Can Use as Home Decor


If you’re a painting enthusiast, then this article is for you! Today, we’re sharing 17 DIY acrylic paintings you can use as home decor.

Whether you’re moving into a new place and want to put your artistic side on display or simply feel like livening up your old living room, there’s nothing like a DIY project to make the process both fun and rewarding.

So let’s not waste any time and put this show on the road!


1. Try them pixels


Let’s face it, a perfect DIY acrylic painting is one that’s easy to complete. Well, it doesn’t get easier or quicker than pixel painting, so why not try your hand at it?

How do you do it you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. You’ll need to plan a pixelated pattern by using a grid of shades that are hues of the same basic color.

Then, you’ll use acrylic paint to draw squares of equal size across the entire surface of your canvas. Remember, each square should be a slightly different tone so you really get that pixelation effect.

Once you’re done, hang your modern-looking painting in your living room, office, or bedroom.


2. Throw in your favorite quote


A DIY acrylic painting can be anything you like, even if that means putting words on it. One awesome idea to do here is to feature your favorite quote on the painting, because not only will it look cool, but it’ll also let others have a peek through your mind.

Here’s how you can get this done: first, find a quote that you appreciate, and stencil its letters on pieces of tape. Then, stick the letters onto your canvas.

Next, choose a mix of acrylic paint and apply the colors across the canvas in large strokes (precision not needed – yay!). After the paint dries up all the way, remove the tape to reveal a beautiful canvas with a personalized message.


3. Splash some color


Ever get the feeling that you can just throw some paint on a canvas and call the result a piece of “contemporary art”? This concept actually makes for a quick and easy DIY acrylic painting idea that’ll take “it’s supposed to look like that” to a whole new level.

The process is beyond simple; just cover a canvas with acrylic paint in one solid color then splatter brighter colors on top of it after it dries. Be sure to make this magic happen outside to avoid getting paint stains splatter on your stuff.


4. Go for acrylic pouring



Are you a fan of the fun, colorful style of tie-dye patterns? Then you’re in for a treat, because we’ve got the perfect DIY acrylic painting idea for you and it’s only two words: acrylic pouring.

This painting technique creates a unique result every time, so you never know exactly what you’ll end up with. All you need is fluid acrylic paint and a blank canvas to make some beautiful home decor.

The best part is that you won’t have to buy any special brushes or palette knives. You just pour, puddle, or drip the paint on the canvas and let gravity do the rest of the work for you.


5. Get a paint by numbers kit



If I told you that you can make a gorgeous acrylic painting while unwinding from your busy day, would you do it? Don’t believe it? Then you haven’t tried painting by numbers yet.

Painting by numbers is a fun activity that lets you unwind while enhancing your eye-hand coordination and improving your concentration capacity, all the while requiring nothing more than knowing how to read numbers and hold a paintbrush.

Paint by numbers kits is available in a wide variety of designs so you’ll have no trouble finding a painting that matches your home decor. Once you’re done with the project, you can frame and hang your creation or just pick a kit that comes with its own frame.


6. Make it a family project – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


Some of the best memories you can have with your family are created during group activities. A DIY acrylic painting can be a fun project to get the family on board with, and you’ll even get a decor item that’ll forever remind you of all the fun you had while making it.

If painting with the family sounds appealing, then choose a simple shape and just have everyone paint their own design inside this shape using a similar color palette. Not only will each shape be unique to a certain family member, but they’ll end up forming a cohesive hanging on the wall.


7. Paint a whimsical animal



If you’re not sure what you should paint, a fun painting of your favorite animal as a cartoon can save the day. Once you’ve picked the animal to paint, then look for a tutorial on how to draw it on your canvas. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of those online!


8. Whip up some bubbles


Bubble painting produces beautiful DIY acrylic paints that people will have a hard time believing that you created yourself. It’s also an entertaining project to do with your kids or friends.

Sticking to the main theme, the main painting is made using acrylic paint. As for the bubbling action, you can learn it from A Piece of Rainbow.

9. Keep it symmetrical – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


If you’re into clean lines and symmetrical patterns, then a geometric canvas might be the best way to go. It’s also super easy to create; just paint vertical lines across your canvas using complementary colors.

To make sure it comes out perfect, use a pencil and yardstickto outline your design before filling it with paint.


10. Create an everlasting ocean



You can never go wrong with a simple yet stunning ocean painting, plus you’d have a view of the coastline all year round!

This acrylic painting can look great in your living room or bedroom. DIY this one by brushing blues and greens on your canvas in even lines.


11. Choose a pillow


Think outside of the box and seek inspiration from items around your house for a change. This particular acrylic painting idea is based on mimicking a pattern from a pillow in your room onto the canvas.


12. Modernize your walls


A pinwheel acrylic painting is a shortcut way to add a trendy, modern vibe to your home. First, outline triangular sections then paint each one with a different color. For a natural look, randomize the palette.


13. Add an assortment of flowers – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor



One of the simplest things to paint is floral images. Choose an easy flower to start such as a daisy or tulip. Paint a few to keep it simple or add more to create a bouquet and add as acrylic paintings home decor.


14. Color it ombre


Another hassle-free DIY acrylic painting idea is creating an ombre design. Paint your canvas using one color and use more paint gradually as you go down.


15. Use your garden as models


Sometimes you can find inspiration if you simply take a look around you. Use your houseplants as a muse to decorate your home with beautiful green hues.


16. Glow in the Dark – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


One interesting idea that won’t cost you any time is making your paintings glow in the dark. Just use an acrylic paint that glows in the dark and watch your creation light up at night.  A different aspect or view of acrylic paintings home decor.


17. Let the kids do it


A rainy day (or quarantine) is a terrific chance to let out your kids’ creative side. Set up a bunch of colors so they can make patterns such as stripes or polka dots.


Wrap Up – DIY Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


There you go, 17 DIY acrylic painting ideas to decorate your home in under a week. Remember, don’t stress too much about perfecting the details and just have fun!

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