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Petunias and other flowers are a lot of fun to paint, and you can get really creative with these floral paint by numbers kits.

Have you ever been captivated by a wall painting containing garden flowers, petunias, or lilies? If you have, you can now paint one for yourself, even if painting isn’t your strong suit.

Paint by number kits now allow you to create any piece of art you want, regardless of your skill level. As long as you have the brushes, the colors, and the canvas, you can guarantee you’re getting a nice piece to brighten up your interior!


1. Pink Picasso Canvas Paint by Numbers



If you don’t mind a painting challenge, this pink roses canvas may be the one for you. At first glance, it may seem simple, seeing as it only consists of flowers without any side objects. However, the petals are painted in intricate detail, and the color palette only consists of a few colors without contrasts, making your mission even harder.

You’ll need to do some blending, so get your brushes ready!

The painting will go perfectly with any room painted in neutral colors. If your walls are beige, pink, off-white, or even pale green, the canvas will blend into the background effortlessly, catching the eye but not deriving the focus.

You don’t need to bother getting the paint or the brushes yourself. The kit comes with anything you may need, including a reference picture with the color palette on the side.


2. Ritas Pansies Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit



The variety of colors in this painting speaks for itself. Instead of different shades revolving around the same color, you have a bunch of different colors, almost covering the whole chart!

Seeing the painting at first, you may think it’s a hard one, only suitable for an expert painter. On the contrary, the painting is doable for both beginners and advanced users.

There are a lot of details, but they’re not intricate. All the painting’s objects blend into each other seamlessly without defined edges, and the background is mostly hazy with some pale shades. You’ll need to do some blending, but that’s about it.

The diversity of colors in the painting mean you can hang it in any room of any color. It’ll go well with almost all colors on the chart, but especially with pink or purple walls.

The canvas comes rolled to avoid wrinkles that ruin the painting process for you. On top of that, it measures 16 x 20 inches, so get ready to prepare an empty space on your wall!


3. Cosmos From the Garden Paint by Numbers



Cosmos From the Garden is a soft, delicate painting depicting a vase of cosmo flowers and a bowl of fruits. The color palette is mostly revolving around pale beige and green shades, with a mass of pink in the center, stealing the focus and dictating the mood of the painting.

Despite the affordable price, the kit comes combining everything you may and may not need. For starters, you get a wooden easel to elevate the painting while you’re working, making your mission easier. Additionally, you get a full set of acrylic paints in airtight plastic containers to prevent the paint from drying out, along with assorted sizes of brushes.

In case you want to hang the Cosmos in one of your rooms, you get a hanging hardware set, and the canvas already comes framed. With most paint by number kits, you have to buy the hanging set separately, so that’s an advantage with the Ledgebay canvas.


4. Sweet Petunias DIY Paint by Numbers Advanced



If you want some sweet petunias to decorate your wall, this painting from Ledgebay may be the one for you. It features a close shot of a couple of flower pots—the main one having petunias and white roses dangling out of it.

The painting’s colors are hazily mingling together without blending. Looking from far away, you’d think the colors are all blending together, but they’re not. Zoom in your sight, and you’ll see that each color stays in its designated area, contrasting with the color behind it. So, the painting is actually easier than it looks, although it still requires an advanced skill level.

The canvas measures 16 x 20 inches, and you may choose yours to be framed or unframed. Of course, framed ones are better in case you want to hang yours, and it keeps the canvas durable without wrinkling or tearing. However, it costs a lot more than the unframed one, so that’s one thing to keep in mind.


5. Artsy Etta DIY Floral Paint by Numbers for Adults



I live for bold paintings like this one! Only a few people would be comfortable putting up a yellow painting in their living room, but I’d go for this painting without a second thought. The yellow sunflowers appear vividly against the pale bluish purple background, and the tabletop provides a splash of warm color to tone down the mood a bit.

The painting is by no means easy. It needs a lot of blending and has a lot of intricate details that need extra focus and patience.

The kit includes everything you’ll need, though, including a frame and a hanging wire for mounting the canvas.


6. Adult Paint by Number Kits on Canvas Succulents



If you want to add a color bomb to any of your rooms, this colorful succulents canvas is your way to do so. It features an assortment of flowers painted in a lot of colors against a black background. The painting is a bit cartoonist, with shades of different colors covering the petals without blending.

The painting is only suitable for adults because it needs focus and patience to finish. It’s not hard to paint per se, but it takes some effort to fill all the small areas on the canvas.

The good thing is, you’ll significantly improve your sense of color after you’re done with this painting, and you’ll get a better understanding of contrasting colors that go well together.

The kit includes a set of acrylic colors, some brushes, hanging hooks, and a reference picture. The colors can easily dry if you leave the lids open for long, so make sure to add one or two drops of water and blend before using them again.


7. Pink Picasso Kits Botanical Floral Paint by Numbers DIY Canvas



The level of realism in this painting is uncanny! Although it only features six flowers, they’re highly detailed, and they require a lot of focus to get the colors right.

The painting will look good on any wall with its pale purple and green color palette. It goes perfectly well against any light background, so you don’t have to worry about matching it to your interior style.

The kit is a bit costly, but only because of its high-quality colors and brushes. The canvas is durable, as well, to stay on your wall for years without tearing or wrinkling.


Floral Paint by Numbers – Final Thoughts



Paint by number kits are a great way to improve your blending skills and enhance your sense of color. You’ll be a master in no time if you paint a couple of those!

Floral canvases, in particular, add a touch of delicacy to your interior style. Who wouldn’t want a bunch of petunias on their living room walls?

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