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Paint by Numbers Lighthouse Kits – Top 5


If you want a picture of a lighthouse to decorate your wall, and have some fun in the process, paint by numbers lighthouse kits are your best bet. Take a look at these paint by numbers kits with lighthouses.

Have you ever been captivated by how a lighthouse looks? Looming over the sea, standing as a great guardian for passing ships, and sending a ray of light to guide those in need. Lighthouses are sometimes the only glowing beacons on stormy nights, bathing in the rainwater and standing tall against the wind.

Having them in a painting is a message of hope and direction, not to mention that they look beautiful and powerful!

Seaside Lighthouse Paint by Number Kit

The best thing about this Seaside Lighthouse painting from Watata is the high level of realism. The painting looks like a picture taken by a masterful photographer rather than a pre-drawn canvas painted by a random user.

The painting shows a lighthouse standing high over a peaceful sea, with the purple-ish sky being the main attraction. There’s also a large tree dangling on the right side to balance the painting’s objects.

The painting is majestic, to say the least, and it’ll match your walls perfectly. It’ll go well with white, off-white, purple, and pink walls. You can also try your luck with a grey or red wall and see how it goes.

Upon purchase, you receive the canvas, along with a reference picture, three brushes in different sizes, an acrylics set, and hanging hooks.

The paint is non-toxic, so your kid can join in the fun safely. Additionally, the canvas is textured to provide good absorbance of water and to stay durable for a long time.

TUMOVO Paint by Numbers for Adults Lighthouse At Sunrise

TUMOVO Paint by Numbers for Adults, Lighthouse at Sunrise Adult Paint by Number, Seaside DIY Paint by Numbers with 3 Brushes and Acrylic Paint, A Good Choice for Family Gifts 16X20 Inch (Frameless)
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  • 3.WHAT YOU CAN GET: Have 1 pcs pre-printed textured art canvas (without framed)*1 set acrylic paints*1 set brushes(include 3pcs)*Accessories:...

This Tumovo paint by numbers kit is equally as realistic as the previous one. However, the sea takes most of the picture here, contrary to the other one. The sky carries the same purple and blue hues as the sea—the only warm color in the painting being the red stripes on the lighthouse.

Despite the level of realism, the painting isn’t too detailed. The hardest part to paint maybe the sea, but the limited colors will make it easier for you to follow one shade without being distracted. If you want your kids to paint with you, go for it. They’ll have fun, and some areas are easy enough for them to paint. On top of that, the acrylic paint is environment-friendly and non-toxic.

The canvas is made of linen, which is excellent at absorbing water, making it ideal for acrylic painting. Plus, if it arrives folded or wrinkled, you can iron it on low heat to get it back to its original state.

Along with the canvas, you receive all the colors and three brushes in different sizes. The smallest one works perfectly well for small areas and intricate details, while the larger brushes are meant for large spaces, like the sky.

Lighthouse CANDYL DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit

CANDYL DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit for Kids Adults Students Beginner DIY Canvas Painting by Numbers Acrylic Oil Painting Arts Craft for Home Wall Decoration Lighthouse 16x20 Inch
556 Reviews
CANDYL DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit for Kids Adults Students Beginner DIY Canvas Painting by Numbers Acrylic Oil Painting Arts Craft for Home Wall Decoration Lighthouse 16x20 Inch
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  • ★How To Paint★ You could match the numbers of the paint and the figures on the canvas to fill in the paint, or do it yourself mixed color.

While the two previous paintings were on the peaceful side, this lighthouse numbers kit from Candyl is a bit more dynamic. You could almost hear the waves as they roll in, boldly embracing the rocks and washing over the land. Although the lighthouse isn’t the main attraction, it’s the tallest object in the picture, stealing focus from the rest.

The painting is pretty colorful, although there’s one neutral tone among the colors, making it look like you used only one or two colors. When in fact, the painting includes blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, and off-white hues and shades scattered here and there.

The canvas has a backside made of linen to prevent the water and paint from tearing through the material. Additionally, you receive the acrylic set ready for painting without the need for mixing. Considering the affordable price of the kit, that’s more than we can expect.

The affordable price comes with its downsides, though. The canvas isn’t framed, so you’ll have to buy a separate frame if you want to hang it.

Lighthouse at Sunrise

Dimensions Lighthouse at Sunrise Paint by Numbers for Adults, 11'' W x 14'' L
  • Paint by numbers kit contains high-quality acrylic paints, (1) pre-printed textured art board, (1) set of instructions, and (1) paintbrush.
  • Finished painting measures 11'' W x 14'' L.
  • This painting set allows you to create a beautiful painting of a majestic lighthouse perched on the edge of a cliff with flowers in the...

Most paint by numbers lighthouse kits depict storms and dark skies, but this one is different. The Lighthouse at Sunrise kit features a lighthouse surrounded by colorful flowers. The sun and the sky are also colorful in a way that signals the start of spring.

The two white sailboats on the side carry a peaceful aura, intensifying the soothing atmosphere that surrounds the painting.

The bright blue hues of the sea perfectly complement the pale yellow shade on the sky. Paired with the purple, pink, and white colors of flowers, they make the picture bright and lovely to look at.

You can hang the painting in any room, regardless of the wall color, thanks to the variety of colors used in it. It’ll add a lively splash to any room, and the best part is that you painted it yourself!

It’s worth noting that some users complained about the paint’s consistency. They mentioned that you’d have to add water constantly to spread the paint well. Plus, some other users complained that the numbers are too small, but that’s the way it is with most paint by number kits.

Ledgebay Guiding Light

Paint by Number for Adults: Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit - Fun DIY Adult Arts and Crafts Projects - Kits Include - (Guiding Light, 16" x 20" Unframed)
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  • VACUUM SEALED - With our painting by numbers pack, you can keep your paint fresh and flexible for a long time. The vacuum-sealed design prevents...

The Guiding Light paint by numbers kit by Ledgebay is an exquisite piece of art. It puts the focus on the sky along with the lighthouse, appearing big and bright. Washing over the waves rolling gently onto the shore, it looks like it’s a scene out of a movie.

The painting will serve as the center of attraction in any room you choose to hang it in, thanks to its unique blend of colors.

It’s a bit hard on beginners and kids because of the detailed plants and the variety of colors in the sea. However, you can let your kids join in on the sky, which mostly consists of large areas that are easy to stick to.

The canvas has a high-density backside made of linen. It absorbs color and water without tearing, which is great news if you intend to hang the picture. Additionally, the colors are high-quality and non-toxic, so they’re safe to use around kids.

There are a couple of things to note before buying this kit, though. When mixing the colors, don’t blend with the brush because it’ll scoop up most of the paint. Instead, use a toothpick to stir gently.

On top of that, the paint may dry if you leave the lids open for hours while working. To adjust their consistency again, add one or two drops of water and stir. Try not to add too much, or else the paint will rot eventually.

Final Thoughts

Lighthouses are beautiful, powerful, and ethereal. The fact that they act as guardians for the passing ships only adds to their magic. We think they’d look great on any wall in your house, especially if you painted them and put each color yourself!

No matter which kit of the above you choose, make sure to enjoy every detail, and get your family to join in the fun too!

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