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Paint by Numbers Butterfly and Flowers for Beginners


Have you heard of a paint by numbers butterfly kit before? What kind of feelings do you get when you see a butterfly or a flower? For most people, being surrounded by nature takes away their stress.

It gives them the power to introspect on their life and to decide on which direction to take on their journey. If you really think about it, all things in your surroundings hold meaning. You just have to allow yourself to experience it. Imagine, however, if you could bring just a little part of the forest back with you through a painting? Being able to recreate your favorite scenes is one of the best ways to zone out. Even if you don’t have any experience, painting is made easy with a paint by numbers kit!

You Don’t Need to Be a Professional to Paint a Butterfly Paint by Number Kit


You can find a paint by numbers butterfly kit and just paint in the numbers. If you are not familiar with what a butterfly paint by number kit is, it’s canvas picture with numbers on it. Each number on the number kits is marked with a specific color.

The picture will slowly start coming to life after you have painted in the numbers with it’s appropriate color. You won’t need any professional painting skills to paint in the number kits. Kids ages 5 to 10 can finish a kit in a few hours.

After you are done creating your butterfly canvas or your floret canvas, you can give it as a gift to your friends and family members. Or, you can even leave it hanging on your wall. Customers from all over the world pickup fun designs on similar items which they can enjoy with friends.

If you are looking for a fun arts and crafts project for yourself and your kids, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be teaching you and your loved ones how to make your own butterfly paint by number canvas. We will also be teaching you how to use acrylic paint and a paint brush with your paint by numbers butterfly kit.

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Butterfly Paint: What Do Butterflies Symbolize?


Butterflies make lovely items to paint. That said, anything that has to do with a butterfly. Whether that be through painting, picture taking, crafts, or supplies, artists have full creative control over what they make. A butterfly actually holds a lot of meaning, especially if you were to make lovely items type out of it.

If you look at a butterfly’s life cycle, there is something very profound and beautiful about its transformation. As you can imagine, a butterflies metamorphosis can be associated to a human’s metaphorical death and rebirth.

As we achieve to grow throughout our lives, we always have to go through a process of rebirths and deaths. Shedding old layers of our selves to make way for new and better things. It’s just the same with butterflies.

As a butterflies start to develop in their ugly looking cocoons, when the buterfly gets out of that it’s turn into a beautiful insect. You’ll need to be able to transfer from one way of life to the other. Here are some other good symbolisms of butterflies:

Butterflies Are The Symbol of the Soul

In many cultures, the butterfly is associated to the growth of the soul. It’s a symbol of eternal life, which signifies growth, purity, and immorality. Other asian cultures associate the butterfly with a departed soul.

If you picture what the butterfly can bring to your life, you’ll notice that you can associate your life to its metamorphosis.

Transformational Power

In nature, the butterfly is among many iconic examples of transformation. If you look closely at a butterfly’s cocoon, you wont see anything from the outside but all the changes are taking place inside.

It’s the same for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in personal growth. Although you won’t see the changes over night outwards, but you’ll see a huge transformation in the way you see yourself.

For most people, transformation doesn’t come right away. It will mean a lot of sacrifice, commitment, and dedication to get to where you want to be.

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Picture a Helping Hand

A butterfly will sometimes appear in your reality when you are going through tough times. A butterfly can sometimes be a gift, if you wish on it hard enough. It can even save you from certain situations. That said, if you wish to make things happen, you will have to trust in your ability to get things done.

When a butterfly shows up unexpectedly, that means that it’s your chance to change your perspective. To look at things in a more positive light, and to embrace the changes that comes with your growth.

Pushing Through Unfamiliar Territory

Many of us could get scared by the thought of something unfamiliar, but a butterfly will always remember to keep your head hanging above water.

Additionally, a butterfly paint by number kit will certainly make you feel alive again. With it’s many colors and easy to follow instructions, a butterfly paint by numbers kit will make the perfect gift for your children.

Acrylic Paint: What Do Flowers Symbolize?


Just like the butterfly paint by numbers kit, flowers also hold significance and meaning. Many artists have dedicated their lives to creating the perfect canvas art with flowers being their main subject.

Flowers Are Also a Symbol of New Life to Death

They bring a touch of eternity, beauty, and joy to the artist whilst they are painting. In the eyes of the artist, the flowers they paint represent the sorrows of the human world. In many canvas arts, you’ll see wilting flowers or perhaps really vibrant ones.

That’s because in many canvas arts, the flowers represent a conscious and intimate relationship with the person painting the canvas. Depending on the shade of the paints on the art, and the way the brush strokes represent the paints all have significance. Paint colors are also very significant.

Flowers Represent Your Inner State

Van Gogh used different paint colors to represent the state of his mind. Painting flowers to him was his form of solace. That could also be true for other artists who prefer to make flowers their art subject when painting.

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How to Paint a Butterfly Paint By Number Kit


You may be asking, how can you make art with a paint by numbers kit? What do you need? Painting has always been an art enjoyed by many, but understanding the supplies and techniques can be a bit of a challenge.

Painting is Educational

For those with kids who want to learn the basics or just have fun, paint by numbers kits are a great way to start!  With just a metal pin and some paints, you can easily show your children the fun of painting their own butterfly masterpiece. Paint by number kits are easy to use and require minimal supplies making them perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced painters. So if your kids are ready for an afternoon full of art and adventure, try paint by numbers!

Paint Brush: How to Paint a Flower Paint By Number Kit


Painting with a Paint By Number kit is a great way to get creative and make art with minimal effort. It’s perfect for painting beginners or pros alike!


Before painting, the canvas must be prepared. Wipe the canvas clean of any dust with a slightly damp cloth, then smooth it out so that the painting surface is perfectly flat. After this preparation work, grab your brushes and paints! Simply select the paint color that matches the painting’s number outlined on each area, mix it properly and coat over numbers to create finalized painting.

Simple Creations

With patience and attention to detail, painting with a Paint by Numbers kit will brighten up any wall. From roses to sunflowers to azaleas – find your favourite flower subject matter and pick up a painting brush; you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

What Are the Benefits of Paint By Numbers Kits?


If painting is your passion but you don’t have the artistic skill to create a masterpiece, painting by number kits are here to save the day! Furthermore, these innovative kits provide an easy and enjoyable painting experience for people of all ages and abilities.

The pre-outlined canvases help navigate painting novices, while also providing experienced painters with a unique challenge and way to experiment with painting techniques.

Not only do these painting kits offer guidance, they also foster creativity – you are in control of color selection and combinations that make the painting truly your own work of art! They’re also incredibly accessible: you don’t need to purchase expensive art supplies or dedicate space to painting like you would with traditional painting.

You can do it on the go or even while watching television – whatever works best for you. So find your favorite scenes and patterns today, pick up some paintbrushes and get painting!

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How to Buy Butterfly Paint By Number Kits Online


When it comes to paint by numbers, butterfly paint by number kits are a creative and fun way for kids to explore their artistic side. With so many paint by numbers sets out there, it can be hard to know where to start.  Additionally, You’ll find plenty of options available from basic paint by numbers art sets kit to complete art supplies. All the paints you need to create a beautiful butterfly masterpiece. So no matter if you’re just starting out or an experienced painter looking for an extra challenge. Adding in some beautiful butterflies with paint by numbers gives you a chance to make something extraordinary.

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