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Old Train Paint by Numbers – Top 10

old train paint by numbers

Old trains are fascinating—and always fun to paint. These old train paint by numbers with vintage trains will give you that Western vibe.

Masterpiece by Numbers Mountain Train

If you’re looking for an iconic paint by number picture featuring an old train, look no further than Sung Kim’s “Mountain Train” masterpiece.

Along with the beautiful, scenic background of a mountain forest, Sung Kim poignantly showcases a train passing through a clear riverbank on a bright, sunny day.

The color combinations are fantastic and purposeful; an autumn blend of red, green, orange and blue makes this piece as stunning as it is nostalgic.

This kit includes a set of paintbrushes, individual paint pots for every color seen in the painting, and a high-quality linen canvas—everything you need to get started!

Ledgebay Summit Pass

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The Ledgebay Summit Pass is among the highest-rated paint by number kits found on the market today, and for good reason.

For one, it’s incredibly detailed; from the train’s smoke to the mountain’s wispy peak, every aspect is drawn to almost perfection.

The color palette is clean but beautifully complex. The mountainous background is reminiscent of busy winter mornings, great adventures, and towering ambitions.

The Vibrant Color of Summit Pass is unique and licensed exclusively to Ledgebay, meaning you won’t find copies of it outside the company’s stores. Plus, a portion of all proceeds goes directly to the artist—Ken Zylla!

This paint by numbers kit comes with wrinkle-free canvas, easy-to-follow instructions, four wooden brushes, and up to 30 vibrant high-quality colors.


At first glance, the Boshun Train is a bit of a depressing sight. Dark and dreary, this image relives an era where steam locomotives were a common method of transportation.

The hustle and bustle of the city are quite visible in the picture, and it seems that it’s minutes away from a heavy rainstorm.

Men and women wore clothing reminiscent of the 1930s—chiffon blouses and calf-length skirts, top hats and flat caps, suspender belts, and suits.

The background shows high, pointed buildings all clustered together, giving it an almost claustrophobic look.

Despite the less than uplifting emotions this painting portrays, it presents viewers with something precious: emotion. At the end of the day, isn’t that what paintings are meant to invoke? Indeed, the BOSHUN Train is a masterpiece, in more ways than one!

This paint by numbers kit is available in two options: frameless or wooden framed. Both kits include pre-blended, high-quality acrylic paints and three sets of different-sized brushes.

LRahigh Upcoming Train

LRahigh Paint by Number Kits - Upcoming Train Pattern 16x20 Inch Linen Canvas Paintworks - Digital Oil Painting Canvas Kits for Adults Children Kids Decorations Gifts (No Frame)
17 Reviews
LRahigh Paint by Number Kits - Upcoming Train Pattern 16x20 Inch Linen Canvas Paintworks - Digital Oil Painting Canvas Kits for Adults Children Kids Decorations Gifts (No Frame)
  • Attention: The paint by number kits is frameless which means the wooden frame is not included and the painting should painted by yourself. The...
  • teach children with many good habits, such as patience,concentration.
  • Strengthen the painting talent and interest. Size:20 x 16 inches.

This masterpiece depicts a century-old train moving through the lush-green, scenic beauty of an unknown mystic land of mountains, forests, and rivers.

The sight of this image makes you want to travel the world in search of foreign, forgotten landscapes that were once being visited by coal miners, fishermen, and otherworldly creatures like dwarves, fairies, and even dryads!

The LRahigh Upcoming Train is deeply connected to nature. The train is surrounded by enigmatic and bold colors, rosy oranges and blooming yellows, bright blues, and vibrant greens. The painting’s focal point – the train – is meticulously detailed.

Similar to most other pieces on this list, the Upcoming Train is available in two options: framed and frameless. Along with three different brushes, this kit comes with several paints that don’t require mixing or water.

XDXART Travel Train

The XDXART Travel Train overlooks a large blue ocean with strong waves and cloudy white skies. Passengers would surely love the view from outside the train, ignoring morning gossiping in exchange for flavored tea and opaque daydreaming.

Like most of the masterpieces on this list, the train’s destination is unknown. Maybe it’ll take you to London or New York, or maybe it’ll take you to a place you thought only existed in your imagination. Who knows?

This kit comes with a crease and wrinkle-free canvas, three brushes, and a set of non-toxic acrylic paints.

Old Train Paint by Numbers – PUREZONE Railway

Abandoned but not forgotten—that’s what this painting wants us to remember. There was a time where the majority of the world’s people relied on trains to get from point A to point B, and while that’s still true today, it’s no longer as common.

This paint by numbers piece shows a part of history; whether it’s unused or not is up to your imagination. The railway surrounds red and orange autumn leaves, illuminated by either a sunrise or a sunset.

The piece represents a place where one walks with their dogs to think or sits to paint. It signifies a simpler, tranquil time, away from the city’s chaos and demands.

Along with the pre-printed textured art canvas, the Purezone Railway Kit comes with pre-mixed, high coverage paints, and three brushes of different sizes.

Mondart Train Passing Through The Mountains

Strangely, the Mondart “Train Passing Through The Mountains” makes me think of a life I’ve never lived.

It’s always been my dream to live in the middle of coniferous forests and streaming rivers, where my only concern was having enough firewood to warm me through the night.

The distant whistling of the train would echo throughout the land as I read a book or snapped wood into two, momentarily distracting me.

This paint by numbers home decor is warm, cozy, and kind, making it an ideal living room or bedroom focal piece.

The Mondart Paint by Numbers Kit includes three paintbrushes of varying sizes, one set of acrylic paints, an instruction booklet, and two hooks. The pigment provided is propylene dye, meaning it’s nontoxic and fast drying.

ABEUTY Moving Train

ABEUTY DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner - Moving Train Tree Plant 16x20 inches Number Painting Anti Stress Toys (No Frame)
  • ABEUTY Registered Trademark & Protected intellectual propert by Amazon
  • 3 size high quality painting brushes. Pre-printed textured art canvas
  • Using high-quality eco friendly safe acrylic paints (No blending required)

The Abeuty Moving Train Paint by Numbers Kit is ideal for children and beginner painters. While still incredibly detailed, this piece focuses more on single colors and easy, straight strokes.

The train is beautifully designed and the background is vibrant and lush. It’s easy to imagine this train still in working order today, transporting coal and passengers from one place to another.

Measuring 20 x 16 inches, this paint by numbers kit includes a pre-printed textured art canvas, three paintbrushes, and eco-friendly acrylic paints.

Old Train Paint by Numbers – JynX Snow Mountain House Train

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The JynX Mountain House Train is another easy to paint masterpiece with large numbered spaces. The pictured background isn’t overly busy or colorful, with different shades of blues covering 80% of the image.

On the far right, a bright red house sits quietly. Is it a store? A farmhouse? Or perhaps, a police station? It’s blank on purpose, allowing you to add your own creative details if you so desire.

This kit is suitable for anyone of all ages, including little children. The paints provided are 100% safe and eco-friendly, and the brushes are of decent quality.

XDXART Big Train

XDXART DIY Oil Paint by Number Kit for Adults Beginner 16x20 inch - Big Train, Drawing with Brushes Christmas Decor Decorations Gifts (Without Frame)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, No blending required
  • Paint is non-toxic and safe high-quality acrylic paints
  • 3 sizes of high-quality painting brushes

The XDXART Big Train is simple yet effective. Unlike some of the other pieces on this list, the Big Train isn’t overly detailed; it’s simply a train passing by with greenery surrounding it.

From the image, viewers can assume that the painting is set in either late spring or early summer thanks to the blue cloudless sky and the bright, sunny day.

This piece only has a total of five colors: black, red, green, blue, and white. There’s also a bit of yellow, as well, but not as much as the rest mentioned.

The XDXART comes with easy to follow instructions and high-quality paints, along with three sets of paintbrushes and two hooks.

Old Train Paint by Numbers – Final Thoughts

Nothing quite beats the nostalgic romance of old trains. Whether they’re passing through thick summer foliage and flora or snowy white trees, trains create an aesthetic that’s unlike anything else. My favorite top paint by numbers picture with old trains is the Masterpiece Mountain Train —what’s yours?

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