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Loves Foxes? Then You’ll Love These Paint by Numbers Fox Sets!


Do you love foxes? Then you’ll be pleased to know that a fox paint by numbers kit with acrylic paints is just what you need to express your creativity.


These sets paint brushes are an excellent way to combine your love of art with your love of nature, as they allow you to paint realistic fox portraits with ease. Paint by the paint by numbers is an enjoyable art form that is accessible to all, regardless of your artistic ability.

You don’t need to have any painting experience to create stunning fox paintings with these sets. With the help of a paint by numbers kit, you can create a beautiful piece of artwork, all while having fun and feeling accomplished.

Ledgebay DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Framed Canvas: Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit - Kits Include Acrylic Paints, (4) Brushes & Tabletop Easel (Moonlight Bay, 12' x 16' Framed)
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Ledgebay DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Framed Canvas: Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit - Kits Include Acrylic Paints, (4) Brushes & Tabletop Easel (Moonlight Bay, 12" x 16" Framed)
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Fox Paint: What is Paint by Numbers?


Paint by numbers is a type of painting kit that comes with a canvas with outlines and numbered areas, along with a set of paints and brushes. Each numbered area on the canvas corresponds to a specific color of paint.

All you have to do is follow the numbers, filling in the corresponding areas with the correct color. As you progress, you will see the painting come to life, one paint by number part at a time.

Paint Brushes: Why Paint by Numbers is Perfect for Fox Lovers?


Paint by numbers kits are an excellent way to create stunning artwork without having to worry about your artistic ability. They are kits are especially great for fox lovers who want to create fox-themed paintings but don’t have the skills to draw a fox from scratch. With the outlines already provided and the numbered areas to follow, painting foxes has never been easier.

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Creating Your Fox Painting


When you purchase a paint by numbers kit, you will receive a canvas with a pre-printed outline of a fox, along with a set of numbered areas that correspond to specific colors of paint. Here are the steps you need to follow to create your fox painting kit:

Set Up Your Painting Area:

Choose a well-lit and well-ventilated area to paint in. Lay out all the materials you will need, including the canvas, paints, brushes, and a DIY frame if included.

Fill in the Background:

Begin by filling in the background with the colors indicated on the canvas. Furthermore, This will give you a base to work from.

Work on the Fox:

Start filling in the numbered areas on the fox, one color at a time. Additionally, Make sure to use the right color for each numbered area.

Add the Details:

Once you have filled in all the numbered areas, add any additional details or shading to your painting to give it depth and dimension.

Paint By Numbers Fox: Frame Your Painting:

Once your painting is complete, you can frame it using the DIY frame included in the kit. Additionally, you can also purchase a frame separately.

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