Paint by Numbers Night Moonlight Kits – Top 3

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If you’re a fan of the night and its beauty, you’ll be happy to read the rest of our article, where we highlight the beauty of 3 paint by numbers night moonlight kits to get creative with.

The mystery of the night and the beauty of the moonlight as it shines through represented a popular theme in arts throughout history. Poets wrote poems about the beauty of the night, while singers sang sentimental songs to talk about the thoughts and feelings they have when they see the moonlight shining through the clouds.

It’s no surprise that painters also loved the mystery of the night theme, and drew pictures in its honor, showing how the moonlight can turn the darkness to light within seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.


The Night and Moonlight in Art


Humans started to create art to express their feelings and tell the rest of the world about their stories. Different themes were passed on from one generation to another, and the night and moonlight represent one of the most popular ones that represented an attractive topic to artists of all genres and types.

In prehistoric times, the first humans probably wondered where the sun went. They believed that the moon symbolized mystery and magic, and they prayed to the night god to keep them protected.

Many ancient civilizations worshipped the moon and believed in its magical powers. For example, ancient Egyptians had several lunar gods that they prayed to. Ibis and Khonsu were gods of the moon, while Set, the night god, represented the dark powers.


Moon Gods


Germanic tribes honored Mani the moon god, while Gleti is the moon deity that was worshipped in the ancient African Kingdom that existed in the country that we know today as Benin. People in all continents honored the night and the moonlight as they represented the mystery and secrets that needed to be thought about when the sun’s bright light was gone.

As the days went by, the night theme became quite popular in paintings and music, as poets were inspired to write love songs that talked about the feelings of longing for a loved one that we feel when we sit alone at night. During the renaissance period, the night theme became a popular artistic theme that painters used to create feelings of magic and love.

Today, people believe in the power of the moon and how it affects the mood. But, as a matter of fact, there’s scientific proof that shows the relationship between the changes in the moon cycle and how they affect our mood. As a matter of fact, some mental problems become more prominent as the moon cycle changes.

In addition to its artistic effect, the moon can actually affect our bodies. It affects the tide, and since our bodies are mainly of water, it will have a profound effect on our health.

People use the power of the moon to manifest positive thoughts. They release the negative thoughts and absorb the light and energy of the moon to attract new positive thoughts that can make their lives more successful. Even though nowadays, people rarely pray to the night or moonlight, they still represent an amazing component of artistic creations of all kinds.


Why Should You Choose a Paint By Numbers Night Moonlight Kit?


When you’re picking a paint by numbers kit, there are several themes and ideas that you can choose from. So, why should you choose a night and moonlight paint by numbers kit? Here are a few reasons.


  • Picking a theme that you personally find interesting is a must because when you actually like the painting, you will be more motivated to finish it in less time. You won’t get bored while you’re working on your project, and you will put in the needed effort to see it brought to life.
  • The combination of dark shades with the addition of light shades creates the magical effect of light and shade. Without any previous artistic experience, you will be able to create a majestic painting that looks like it has been created by a professional artist.
  • Paintings that feature scenes of the night and moonlight are elegant and stylish. They can be added to various rooms to alleviate the ambiance because they can go with different shades of furniture and paint. They can also be given away as gifts that appeal to most people.


3 Paint by Numbers Night Moonlight Kits to Get Creative With


To honor the beauty of the night and the magic of the moonlight as it shines through it, our talented artists created various paintings that use the night and moon for inspiration. These paintings are available in our paint by numbers kits, so you can easily pick one to start painting your favorite night scene. Here are our top 3 choices.


1. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Moonlight Bay



This kit is available in two different sizes and can be brought framed or unframed. It features a boat on a lake, with a beautiful campfire that burns on the ground.

By looking at the scene, we feel the presence of people, even if we can’t see them. It’s like looking at a part of the scene and imagining the rest, while the moon adds the needed magic to take your imagination on a trip.

We can imagine that there are two people who are having an intimate conversation away from our eyes. We can also believe that a family was enjoying this campfire, then went to sleep in a tent. By focusing on the beauty of the night, we can craft an exciting story that goes with the painting we can see.

The dark yet elegant colors make this a suitable choice for a living room or a bedroom. The shades evoke feelings of love, romance, and nostalgia. You will definitely feel good when you look at it after it’s finished.


2. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Aurora Bliss



The cabin in the woods sits in the background of this scene. While the campfire occupies the foreground to add warmth to the colder shades. Although we can’t see the moon, its shiny silver light shines through to illuminate this.

Despite its darker shades, this painting isn’t gloomy. The artist managed to master the art of light and shadow before painting this masterpiece. This painting can be the perfect addition to a winter cabin or office room.

Finishing this kit will be a straightforward task. It comes with every tool you might need to finish your artistic project. You can also choose between the framed and unframed versions. And there are various sizes, so you can pick the right one depending on the space you have available.


3. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Evening at The County Fair



This painting doesn’t show the beauty of the moon. But, it shows the other face of the night that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. The painting is set one evening during the very early hours of the night. The family heads to the country fair to have fun.

We can see the kids playing and living their best lives. While the parents look at them with eyes filled with love. Different people interact with each other in a happy setting that makes this painting pop with fun.

Unlike other paintings that appreciate the theme of the night, this one combines different bright colors. As a result, we believe that it can be the perfect addition to a children’s room. This kit is available in two versions; the framed and unframed ones. It also comes with all the painting tools that you need to finish this painting.


Wrap Up



Take your love of the moon to a new level by choosing a night and moonlight paint by numbers. Despite mainly depending on dark colors, these paintings are never gloomy. And they will always be a great addition to your space.

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