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Top Christian Paint By Numbers To Try


The Bible gives us a lot of inspiration in daily life and art. Here’s our collection of Christian paint by numbers to invest your time in:

1. Paint by Numbers – Jesus Embrace Small Lamb

CaptainCrafts New Paint by Number Kits - Christian, The Son of God Jesus, Jesus and People 16x20 inch - DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Beginner Kids (Jesus Embrace Small Shepherd, with Frame)
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First up, we have a beautiful painting portraying Jesus holding a lamb in a kind embrace. It inspires feelings of mercy and love, which is an integral part of being a true Christian.

The dimensions of the canvas are 16 x 20 inches, which is a good size for hanging on most walls.

The package comes with all the tools you’d need to create this painting, including a set of acrylic paint and a set of 3 brushes. The bristles are made out of nylon to make for easy application and cleaning.

Additionally, the paint doesn’t require mixing, which means this kit is suitable for beginners and younger artists.

2. BANLANA Painting Paint by Numbers Kit – The Last Supper

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From BANLANA, we have a painting showing the infamous work by Leonardo da Vinci; The Last Supper. This is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world in which Jesus Christ shares a final meal with his Apostles.

This painting is on the larger side, with a canvas measuring 16 x 32 inches. It’s more of a challenging project time- and effort-wise, but it also offers you a lot of fun.

That being said, we don’t recommend this kit if this is your first time trying painting by numbers.

This kit comes with a set of acrylic paint and a set of 6 brushes of different sizes to promote better precision.

3. BYAMD Paint by Numbers Kit – With God, All Things Are Good

BYAMD Paint by Numbers Kit All Things are Good Cross 16 x 20 inch Canvas DIY Oil Painting for Kids and Adults Beginner with Brushes and Acrylic Paints
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This paint by numbers kit from BYAMD is one of the more modern adaptations of the Christian cross. It features a powerful quote that reads “With God, All Things Are Possible”, which inspires us to have faith and always hope for the best.

The use of bright colors and a fun font encourages creativity, so it also makes for a great gift for teenagers and younger artists. Not to mention, this kit is available in two options: oil and diamond, giving you more freedom to choose your favorite style.

The dimensions of the canvas are 16 x 20 inches, which is a good size for hanging on most walls. The package includes a set of premium acrylic paints and a 3-piece set of paintbrushes.

4. CaptainCrafts Paint by Number Kits – Jesus and People

CaptainCrafts New Paint by Number Kits - Christian, The Son of God Jesus, Jesus and People 16x20 inch - DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Beginner (Jesus 025, Frameless)
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CaptainCrafts New Paint by Number Kits - Christian, The Son of God Jesus, Jesus and People 16x20 inch - DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Beginner (Jesus 025, Frameless)
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  • Finished size: 20 by 16 inches. 3 size high quality painting brushes

From the popular painting by numbers kits brand CaptainCrafts, we have a gorgeous portrayal of Jesus with people who seem to be asking for forgiveness and wisdom.

The use of warm colors is a great move as it captures the values of compassion and acceptance the Lord bestows. Additionally, the scheme makes the painting a perfect match for vintage decor.

This kit is available in a framed and frameless options. It included a durable, a set of ready-to-apply acrylic paint, and 3 high-quality brushes.

5. DIY Painting by Number Kit – Red Rose and Cross

Next up is a colorful cross and red rose. It’s a wonderful gift for the holiday season, offering a fresh take on the iconic Christian cross.

The vibrant colors add a modern sense to the picture, which maximizes its appeal to younger audiences. The way the colors mix and intersect also makes for easier painting because mistakes are less likely to stick out.

Speaking of which, painting in this kit is done via acrylic paint, which is much simpler and way less messy. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

6. ABEUTY Diamond Painting by Number Kits – Virgin Mary Catholic

Diamond Painting DIY 5D Special Shape Rhinestones, ABEUTY Virgin Mary Catholic, Partial Drill Crystal Diamond Art Kits
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  • PARTIAL DRILL & HD CANVAS of size: 30x40cm

Last but not least, we have another diamond paint by numbers kit for those who appreciate a more modern way of creating art. This picture is a portrait of the Virgin Mary with a beautiful pattern of stones and crystals.

Once again, the painting in this kit is done via tiny diamonds instead of acrylic paint, which is less complicated and not as messy. The result is a brilliant scene of sparkling blues, greens, and golds.

All in all, it’s a terrific choice if you’re in the market for a joyful image that radiates love and faith.

Tips for Maintaining Brushes and Applying Color in Paint by Numbers Kits

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If you’re just setting out to discover the joys of painting by numbers kits, the tips below will help you make the most out of your tools and create the best possible results with your art.

  • Always start painting the larger parts first, then go smaller gradually as you continue making progress. In addition to saving you a good chunk of time, this will also help minimize smudging accidents.
  • You should begin painting at the very top part of the canvas, then make your way lower as you progress. This is another way to help you avoid smudging.
  • As you paint, try to finish up the parts corresponding to one color before turning to use another shade. This will help eliminate confusion and mistakes when it comes to the painting sequence.
  • In most paint by number kits, you should start using the lighter colors first then apply the darker shades as you progress. This can help you visualize how your creation is going to look so you can add tweaks wherever and however you see fit.
  • Be sure not to rush yourself as you paint and always allow enough time for the painted sections to dry.
  • If you’re having trouble covering the black color of the printed numbers, try applying multiple layers of paint. The color pigmentation may be a bit weak, so it needs an extra push to hide the black.

Before You Start

  • Before you start a painting session, you should carefully plan how much paint you’ll be using. You need to account for the appropriate amount of paint that’ll produce good coverage yet still try to not be wasteful as much as possible. The goal here is to apply just enough paint to avoid running out before you finish the project.
  • When you’re taking a break from painting or when you’re done painting for the day, be sure to tightly close the paint container. This helps prevent paint from drying out.
  • When you’re done applying a color, make sure you clean the brush before dipping it into a different shade. Also, clean your brushes at the end of each painting session.
  • If possible, use different brushes for each of the following: taking paint out of the containers, mixing it, and applying it. If you have any old, splitting, or lower-quality brushes, use them to scoop and blend the colors. Save your good brushes for the actual painting part.
  • Your brushes shouldn’t be sitting in water cups as you paint. Instead, they should be lying flat on a table or your work area.
  • Use warm water to wash your brushes. This will make it easier to clean leftover paint.

Christian Paint by Numbers – Wrap Up

There you have it, our 6 best recommendations for the top Christian paint by numbers to work on.

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