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Cheap Paint by Number Kits You Can Get on a Budget – Top 7

cheap paint by number kits

If you’re looking for cheap paint by number kits, you’re in for a treat! These paint by numbers kits will help you get started – or make an amazing gift – without compromising your budget.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 7 Cheap Paint by Number Kits on the Market

1. iCoostor Paint by Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Kit

Kicking off the list with one of the most affordable options on the market. The iCoostor DIY kit comes ready with 16 x 20 inches canvas as well as a full set of acrylic colors.

Additionally, the kit comes with 3 paintbrushes of different sizes, allowing you to fill in large areas as well as fine lines with ease.

The picture depicts a cute and affordable design of 4 cats, which makes them easy to paint and look quite nice as surreal decor!

In addition to costing you a fraction of what expensive paint by number kits, it still comes with a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to refund the product if the colors or patterns aren’t to your standard!

Ledgebay Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting Miniature Fine Tip Detailing Brush Set for Micro Detail Hand Crafted Perfectly Balanced & Weighted Handles, Taklon Bristles for Model, Oil, Watercolor (15)
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2. Cheap Paint by Number Kits – DoMyArt Rainbow Owl Acrylic Paint by Number Kit

DoMyArt Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Beginners, DIY Acrylic Painting on Canvas Home Decor Wall Art (Street, 16x20 Inch, No Frame)
  • UPGRADED VERSION – We offer high-quality cotton and linen canvas, 30% extra paint pots for most frequently used colors and a specially designed...
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET – 1 pre-printed cotton and linen canvas (16"W x 20"L, without frame), 1 set of high-quality acrylic paint, 3 pcs brushes, 1...
  • SIMPLE AND FUN ANCIVITY - If you want a hobby, you can consider choosing our paint by number kits. It takes out lots of your time and patience to...

DoMyArt is a popular paint by numbers kit brand that offers tons of great designs as well as decent colors and accessories.

This graphic design of an owl features soft color patterns, which is excellent for kitchens as well as living rooms.

The canvas of the paint by number kit is 16 x 20 inches and patterns are carefully printed to make sure that the final result is up to your expectations!

This one also comes with 3 different painting brushes and a set of quality acrylic paints. Also, the package comes with instructions on how to paint the canvas properly as well as hooks and rendering to frame them when they’re finished.

3. SROOD Four Season Tree of Life Paint By Number Kit

The Four Season Tree of Life is one of the most popular images for those who have a thing for the beauty of nature, and painting this one yourself feels amazing!

This kit comes with a rugged canvas that can handle extra pressure that beginners put on while painting.

Also, the manufacturer features 1 set of acrylic paints that don’t need color blending or preparation, which allows for instant painting straight out of the box!

This one is also 16 x 20 inches. However, it comes with 6 different brushes, which allows for a superior level of detailing and precision while painting.

4. Cheap Paint by Number Kits – Rihe DIY Flower Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kits

No products found.

This one is another incredibly affordable paint by number kit that is geared towards beginners and nature lovers.

The smooth color patterns and unfocused background of the vector image make it quite easy to paint for both adults and kids.

The painting canvas is 16 x 20 inches frameless cut but is also available in a framed design. It also comes with all the necessary acrylic colors that are naturally glossy, so you can quickly frame your final product without having to polish it.

5. COLOR MAIZE Night Venice DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids & Adults

COLORMAIZE DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids & Adults, Rolled Creases-Free Canvas Oil Painting, Paint by Numbers for Adults with Paint brushes, Acrylic Paints 16" W x 20" L - Night Venice
  • ✓PRODUCT FEATURE - Offered by COLORMAIZE, frameless paint by number kit on canvas, 16x20 inch, Night Venice
  • ✓ELEGANT GIFTABLE ROLLED PACKAGING - With our enhanced special designed rolled-canvas box packaging, it provides you with a perfect...
  • ✓DIY OIL PAINTING - Want to feel like an artist? This DIY oil number painting kit will assist you in achieving your artistic dreams easily!...

Who said that scenery paintings have to be expensive! This Night in Venice artwork is quite a piece and still won’t mark a dent in your wallet!

The elegance of the original image combined with the nightly smooth color patterns makes it an excellent gift as well as an easy painting for beginners and kids.

The package comes ready with everything you’ll need to paint it. This includes a quality printed 16 x 20 inches art canvas that is wrinkle-free, 3 different paint brushes, a full set of necessary acrylic colors, as well as hooks, a reference map, and an elegant box for gifting!

6. Cheap Paint by Number Kits – BANLANA The Starry Night By Van Gogh Paint by Numbers kit

BANLANA Paint by Numbers for Adults, DIY Adult Paint by Number Kits for Beginners on Canvas Rolled 16" by 20" (Van Gogh The Starry Night)
  • ♥️ Paint by Numbers for Adults is for you to create your own masterpiece, paint it together with your loved ones!
  • ♥️ How To Do: use the acrylic paint which is marked with numbers, to fill in the areas on the canvas which is marked with the same numbers.
  • ♥️ Gifts Idea: PBN is a great choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving day, new year and birthday to your family or friends.

The Starry Night by Van Gogh depicts a rather tranquil night from the window of the painter’s asylum.

This kit will allow you to paint your own version of the extremely popular masterpiece. But, without costing you an arm, leg, or an ear! (pun intended)

This one also gives you the option of common in an unframed cotton canvas or as a wooden framed pre-painted one.

The kit comes with a reference card to guide you while painting as well as a set of acrylic colors with 6 brushes of various sizes.

7. Komking Paintworks Colorful Lion Paint by Number Kit

Komking Paint by Number for Adults Kids Beginner, Paint by Numbers Kits on Canvas Painting Kits for Art Crafts Gift, Colorful Lion 16x20inch
  • Product Feature: Paint by numbers for adults canvas painting unframed 16x20inch, diy paint by number kits provide fun way for anyone to get...
  • How to Do: You need match the paint number and the figures on the canvas to fill in the paint.You can be unique artist to create masterpieces by...
  • Easy to Paint: Easy to follow the detailed instructions. All dots are marked by numbers, just chose one image follow your real heart. Perfect for...

Last, if you’re looking for a complete makeover of your house walls, this one should be within your considerations!

The fairly affordable package includes a pre-printed canvas with lion patterns as well as a set of acrylic colors to follow the preset.

However, you can choose any acrylic colors you like while painting this one. This gives you the opportunity to show your personality and use your favorite colors.

The canvas is 16 x 20 inches and comes with a set of acrylic colors as well as brushes, hooks, and renderings!

Why Buying Cheap Paint By Number Kits a Great Idea?

There are various advantages that you can enjoy by getting the right paint by number kit. Let’s have a quick look at them!

Affordable Way to Redecorate

Paint by number kits allows you to redecorate your house in a completely different style. You can use these affordable DIY kits to hang anything you like on your wall. From famous paintings, to beautiful landscapes or surreal images.

This way, you’ll own your own unique home art that gives your house an amazing first impression, especially when your choices suit your personality.

Makes an Excellent Gift

In addition to having them as the focal point of your wall decoration, you can make them the focal point on your loved ones’ walls!

If you happen to have a close friend or a family member who’s into painting

Painting Them is Highly Therapeutic

In addition to being tons of fun, there are various health benefits, especially mental, that you can get from painting.

According to tons of research, such as Neuroscience News and other studies, painting can significantly improve the mood and relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

Easy to Paint for Beginner Painters

Although paint by number kits doesn’t require any expert or professional skill level. You will still end up with a professional-looking painting that you won’t believe you made yourself!

This is because paint by number kits are extremely easy to follow and are ideal for beginners. Especially the budget ones.

All you need to do is follow the numbers sequence focus to paint accurately inside and outside of the line.

Cheap Paint by Number Kits – Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete guide with 7 cheap paint by number kits anyone can get on a budget.

These paint by number kits aren’t only fun. They can also be highly therapeutic, and double as a great gift that means more than its price!

If you’re on a very strict budget, consider the iCoostor Paint by Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Kit. This one is pretty lovely and is also one of the most affordable kits on the market.

To view our high quality paint by numbers kits for beginners, CLICK HERE!

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