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Dog Paint By Numbers: Ultimate Stress-Reliever for Busy Moms


In this article, we’ll discuss why painting by numbers, particularly dog paint by numbers, works as one of the best stress relievers available!

Moms have the busiest jobs in the world. Presidents and CEOs get time off when they come home at night, but moms work around the clock, making sure kids get to school on time in the morning and meals get cooked in the evening. They’re always running around taking kids to practice and doing the daily errands.

Households wouldn’t survive without moms. They’re the ones who take care of us when we’re stressed and sad, but what happens when Mom herself gets stressed? She’s not able to take a day off.

Most de-stressing options like yoga or spa treatments will take too much time away. Or, they can cost exuberant amounts of money, and aren’t practical for a frequent stress-relief option.

Thankfully, there’s an answer for busy moms everywhere wanting to decompress and relax. Painting by numbers is a great way to stimulate brain activity (compared to watching TV as a way to relax) and allow all the worries and stress to fall away.

Why Painting By Numbers?

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We often think of paint by numbers as a kids’ activity. While it does function in that way, paint by numbers (and art as a whole work) to de-stress and relax a person through what is known as art therapy. Positive side effects include increased creativity and happiness.

Art Therapy And Destressing 

Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD
  • Guzman ATR-BC, Leah (Author)
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Painting, drawing, and every art form unleashes the creative beast inside us. Art can help us make sense of our emotions and logically deal with them, so art therapy is used for a variety of reasons, including cognitive functions, trauma, and distress.

Art gives us a great way to de-stress. It lets us out of the cage of our minds as we focus on something concrete in front of us. Concentrating on art also helps our concentration in other areas, and gives us good brain exercise. Having something to go back and paint every day gives your brain a much-needed break from the rest of your day.

Art therapy is typically administered by a professional therapist. But when it’s simply been a long day, moms need something they can do themselves. That’s where paint by numbers comes in.

It’s stress-free, as the numbers ensure you won’t make a mistake with the coloring or shading. It’s also quick and easy, as you can stop and then take it back up again once you have the time. Being able to go back and see the progress you’ve made over time creates a sense of pride and stability in your work – another bonus for mental health.

Many people also find that taking the time to create something produces a rewarding feeling. Instead of spending downtime watching TV or using electronics, choosing art can make the time you spent feel more valuable and worthwhile.

Increasing Creativity And Its Effects

Working with paint by numbers also increases your creativity. How is that accomplished, you may ask. Doesn’t paint by number give you all the tools you need? You just follow the instructions. That’s true, but painting with numbers still manages to increase your creativity.

Firstly, the action of painting by numbers stimulates your brain. This stimulation automatically results in higher creative activity. Brain activity wakes up the Salience Network in your brain, which links directly to your stream of consciousness. Increased creativity will only help moms, as their concentration and focus will be higher after a painting by numbers session, compared to focus after watching some TV.

Secondly, painting by numbers gives you practice with painting. You begin to learn shading techniques, color mixing, and even brush stroke length. You’ll be able to take this knowledge and use it in art projects entirely of your own making.

Creating Endorphins 

Studies show that cortisol, which is a stress hormone, can be reduced by the making of art. There are some reasons why this is. Making art can be enjoyable for some, or nostalgic for others. These actions release chemicals called endorphins.

While endorphins can also be released in response to pain or stress, they’re also released when the body does something the mind finds enjoyable. Endorphins help take away stress and cause you to be happier overall.

Why Painting Dogs?

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Now that we’ve discussed the science behind painting by number, it’s time to discuss why we believe moms should use dog paint by numbers when de-stressing. Most paint by number kits come with a variety of subjects to paint, but we believe mom should choose dogs.

Dogs Make Us Happy

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Seeing or petting a dog may release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. However, there’s another chemical out there that is produced when our brains recognize or see a dog. Funnily enough, this chemical also appears in interactions between mother and child.

Human and dog interactions produce a chemical known as oxytocin. This chemical promotes a feeling of trust and love, first discovered when a mother looks into her baby’s eyes. Scientists conducted a study that shows the same chemical is produced when humans look into a dog’s eyes.

Oxytocin works like serotonin and endorphins to create a sense of happiness and security in our brains. How fitting that a chemical that typically occurs between a mother and child can be replicated and used with a dog paint by number to help busy moms feel more relaxed!

Fun For The Whole Family

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Aside from the science, it’s hard to bypass dogs for a tree or flower when doing a paint by number. Whether it’s Labradors or Yorkies, you’ll no doubt be able to find your favorite dog breed in a paint by number. If you have a family pet, you can most likely find a kit that matches your dog’s breed. If you’re more adventurous when it comes to painting, don’t be afraid to bend the rules and personalize your creation to match your dog.

Paint by numbers is easy to figure out, and it doesn’t have to be a private affair. If you’d like to relax with your partner or children, paint by numbers is the way to go. Everybody loves dogs, and these kits give you a way to spend time relaxing with the people you love the most. These kits come in marker form too, so less mess!

If you’re not a dog lover, no worries! These creations would make a lovely handmade gift to someone special in your life. Or, you can just display your creation for your whole family to enjoy!


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Busy moms working for their families all day deserve some time off. Dog paint by numbers is a quick and cheap way to relax and de-stress without having to spend too much time. These kits would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or her birthday that will keep on giving.

Dog paint by numbers will stimulate brain activity and creativity, produce happiness, and above all, give stressed-out moms something fun and enjoyable to fill pockets of time with. They can be taken anywhere. And they come in a less messy marker form (so less stress when it comes to cleanup).

Treat yourself or a deserving mother to some peaceful painting by buying a kit today!

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