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Top Paint by Numbers Boat Kits of 2022


Paint by numbers boat kits are lovely because they combine the sea’s serenity and the boats’ beauty. You’ll feel as if you almost see the gliding motion of the boats in real life!

If you want to get a piece of the sea on your wall, there’s no better way to do it than getting a paint by numbers kit. You’ll have fun painting it and matching the colors, and you’ll end up with an art piece to hang in your room.

If painting a boat has been your dream, check out these paint by numbers sets with boats, lakes, and sea.

Lakeside Boat BAISITE Kit for Adults

The beauty of the Baisite Lakeside Boat painting lies in the way it’s painted. It’s not too real, but it’s not cartoon either. Instead, the colors come close together without blending, resulting in a level of detail that may seem hazy, but it’s pretty clear for the onlooker.

The kit is for adults, but it’s not hard to paint, with only one color—blue—dominating the scenery. Paired with the vibrant red of the boat’s interior and the houses’ roofs, the two colors almost look like they’re two opposite poles of one magnet.

The canvas comes in a 16 x 20 inches size, and it’s not framed. If you want to hang it after you’re done, you’ll have to buy the hanging hardware yourself. However, it comes with everything else you may need, including the paint and the brushes.

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers Lakeside Boat

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting Kit for Adults, 16" W x 20" L Drawing Paintwork with Paintbrushes, Acrylic Pigment-Lakeside Boat
  • Free-hand Oil Painting?: It's a paint by number kit for adults; you can calm down and concentrate your attention by painting the small areas in...
  • No Paint Mixing or Blending: provide good paint coverage to cover the lines and numbers; enough pigment to cover the numbers with one coat of...
  • Paintbrush Kit: comes as a kit of 3 different sizes separately for big or small areas to do the super fine lines and details easily;...

The Lakeside Boat by Colorwork is one the best paint by numbers boat kits you can get your hands on. It features a boat bathing in the subtle light of a setting sun, with some scattered plants here and there. A forest appears on the horizon in a blurry mess, but it provides a dividing line between the sky and its reflection in the lake.

The level of detail in the painting requires full attention, and only adults will be able to paint it. Although the colors are limited, there are a lot of shades that need you to focus on to avoid making any mistakes.

It’s worth noting that you can change the whole mood of the painting if you want to. If you use a blue color palette instead of the orange one used here, you can depict the sunrise instead of the sun setting. However, that needs an advanced skill level and a new set of acrylics!

The kit is quite affordable, yet it still comes with acrylic paint, brushes, and hanging hooks. The canvas isn’t framed, though, so it’s better to get it framed yourself to keep it durable for the longest time possible.

Beach Scenery TOCARE DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults

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If you want to add life to any room in your house, the Beach Scenery paint by numbers kit is your way to do it. It features three boats glistening under the sunlight, with a full dock appearing behind them, topped off by some vibrant red and orange houses.

The cold blue shades cover most of the painting’s palette, but the warm red and orange hues in the background steal the focus, balancing the overall mood of the picture.

The painting isn’t too detailed, so it’s not hard to paint for any skill level. The coloring areas are mostly big, which makes your mission a bit easier sticking to the site you’re working on.

Upon the purchase, you receive a canvas, a complete set of acrylics, and three brushes in different sizes. The canvas is made of cotton, which means you can iron it down if it shows wrinkles or folds from shipping.

Paint by Numbers for Adults – Lakeside Boat

Paint by Numbers for Adults - Lakeside Boat Adult Paint by Number for Wall Decor, Dolomiti Mountain Paint by Number for Adults Beginner, 16x20inch Landscape Oil Painting Kits Gift for Kids (Frameless)
  • 🎨 PAINT BY NUMBERS KIT: Includes a 16'' x 20'' canvas (without framed), 3 painting brushes, 1 set of acrylic pigment colors and a sample...
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  • 🎨 ZERO-BASED: The paint by numbers suitable for all skills levels, whether you are adults, kids or beginners. Fill the color according to...

This is the third Lakeside Boat painting on our list, but it’s totally different from the two before it. It’s drawn in a way to make you feel like you’re standing on the dock, observing the boat and the mountains dangling over the horizon.

The painting doesn’t have many details, but the level of realism means it’s only suitable for skilled adults. To get the mountain details right, you’ll need a lot of focus and patience.

The blue color dominates the scenery, like most other kits. If you intend on hanging it, it’ll go well with any blue shade on your wall, and it’ll match white, off-white, and beige walls as well.

The canvas is made of linen, which is excellent at absorbing water, and it’s firmer than other materials. It also doesn’t show wrinkles unless you apply pressure, which means your painting will look on point when you hang it.

To make sure you receive your canvas as smooth as possible, it comes rolled instead of folded. Along with it, you’ll receive a reference picture, three brushes, and a paint set.

Seascape Sailing Boat Rihe Paint by Numbers Kits DIY Oil Painting

RIHE Paint by Numbers Kits DIY Oil Painting for Adults Kids Beginner - 4 Pack Painting by Number 16 x 20 inch with Brushes and Acrylic Pigment (Without Frame)
  • ✅Enhance Relationship: Do you want to enhance the relationship with your children, lovers or friends by doing one thing together? Paint by...
  • ✅Good Learning Toy: As a useful educational tool, it can enhance children’s color perception and it has been proven to help children focus...
  • ✅Help Decompression: It’s a known fact that painting is used as a healing therapy and relieve stress, so if you want to release pressure...

If you want a paint by numbers kit featuring a boat, but you don’t want intricate details to steal your focus, the Seascape kit is your go-to.

The painting shows two sailing boats—one in a haunting black color, looking like Captain Sparrow’s Black Pearl. And the other in a soft off-white shade that’s overshadowed by the dusky light, stealing some of its peaceful aura.

The sea is depicted in a dark color with some glistens of sunlight washing over it. And the horizon is empty like it’s waiting for the two boats making their steady approach towards the end line.

The painting will seem haunting against a dark wall, and it’ll seem peaceful against a light-colored wall, and that’s the beauty of it! You can hang it in any way according to how you want the viewers to receive it.

If you want your kids to join in on the fun, by all means, go for it. The lack of details makes the painting easy to paint and match its colors. The coloring areas are mostly large, as well.

Moonlight Bay Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults

Ledgebay Paint by Number for Adults Framed Canvas: Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit - Kits Include Acrylic Paints, (4) Brushes & Tabletop Easel (Moonlight Bay, 12" x 16" Framed)
  • REAL LICENSED ARTWORK - Our paint by numbers for adults with the Ledgebay kit features designs from authentic licensed artwork. The artist makes...
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  • VACUUM SEALED - With our painting by numbers pack, you can keep your paint fresh and flexible for a long time. The vacuum-sealed design prevents...

If you don’t have enough time for a large painting, this painting is ideal for filling in your free time. It’s small enough for ease of painting and large enough to look attractive on your walls.

The Moonlight Bay is hauntingly beautiful. It features a single boat bathing in the serene moonlight, with the moon glowing like a beacon in the background. There’s also an ethereal touch to the painting, courtesy of the lake and the forest trees looming over it.

The fire on the side adds a touch of warmth to the painting. It balances the picture’s tones between cold and warm.

What sets the Ledgebay kit apart from other ones is the wooden easel that comes with it. It elevates the painting, making it easier for you to paint rather than the horizontal position it’d have been in.


Final Thoughts


Paintings of boats have always been captivating, quickly stealing anyone’s focus. Rather than getting a picture to hang, you can get one of these boat kits and have fun painting yourself.

You’ll improve your painting skills, and you’ll have a beautiful art piece to put up when you’re done!

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