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Our selection of paint by numbers garden kits will let you get a shot of summer freshness at any season. Check it out here!

If you’ve always wanted a garden full of flowers, but something stood in the way of fulfilling your wish, you can now paint a garden yourself and have it on your wall in no time.

Paint by number kits are a perfect opportunity for people who love painting but can’t say the same about drawing. Now, you can have your canvas pre-drawn, and you’ll only fill in the gaps with acrylic colors you receive with the kit.


Perfect Garden DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults



The Perfect Garden painting is hard to miss. With the ochre-colored walls dominating the scene, the purple and pink flowers stealing the focus, and the white doves providing a bit of serenity, we doubt anyone would pass by without buying it.

The painting requires some focus to paint, but it’s not among the hard ones. The color palette is limited, with only three or four main colors and their shades. Additionally, the colors don’t need blending; each color stays in its designated area.

The colors come in plastic containers with airtight lids that protect them from drying. However, they may still dry if you leave the lids open for a long time while painting. You can solve that by adding one or two drops of water and mixing using a toothpick. Try not to add too much water, or the colors’ consistency will get too watery.


CaptainCrafts Garden Bike DIY Kit



If you want to add a splash of color to your interior design, this Garden Bike painting is your best way to do so. Its main attraction is the silver bike with a basket of flowers mounted to its front, with the garden appearing hazily in the background among an array of flowers.

The Garden Bike is one of the advanced paint by number kits because of its many colors. Not only that, but its details are intricate, and its areas are small. Coloring them needs close attention to detail. Besides, they need a lot of blending, which many people aren’t fond of.

Nevertheless, the end result is worth all the effort!

The canvas is made of linen to stay durable for the longest time possible. Additionally, it won’t show any wrinkles unless you try too hard. For the affordable price, that’s more than we can ask for.


Garden by the Sea ABEUTY DIY Kit for Adults Beginner



If you think the Garden Bike is a hard painting, you better take a look at this one! Garden by the Sea looks like it belongs in a movie, with the sunlight depicted in the painting covering the floor and subtly touching the flowers on the side. The sea hanging over the edge also adds a sense of serenity to the canvas.

You’ll need a lot of time to paint this one. It has a lot of intricate details, and every bunch of flowers has a different color, so you need to have your full attention to the numbers to avoid any mistakes.

To compensate for the hard drawing, the colors don’t need any blending, so you can start working the moment you get your canvas.


Red Poppy Flowers Garden YEESAM ART



If you want a painting that your kids can join in with you, the Red Poppy Flowers Garden may be the best option for you. It doesn’t look easy, but it’s actually one of the easiest kits you can get your hands on.

The background only consists of a few colors, and the only bomb of color is the red poppy flowers in the front. They’re the main attraction of the painting; that’s why the background doesn’t have any vibrant colors.

The painting will go perfectly well with your room if it has any red furniture piece. It measures 16 x 20 inches—large enough to show all the details. If you want to hang the painting, make sure to get the framed version.


Farm Garden Framed Paint by Numbers



There’s nothing better to waste a weekend on than a farm garden painting, don’t you think?

Farm gardens give breezy vibes, with the number of flowers surrounding them and the pets walking here and there. In this paint by numbers kit, the level of realism that’ll hang on your wall is the closest thing to a real farm garden!

The painting needs your full attention without a second of distraction. Otherwise, you’d get lost in the sea of green in the picture’s background.

The green color is the main attraction point in the picture, but there are also some scattered flowers here and there in vibrant colors. Besides, the house has a variety of brown and beige shades, toning down the painting’s mood.

The painting is a real challenger; it’ll take a lot of time and effort to finish, but it’s worth all of it. Plus, it’ll match any wall you hang it on, thanks to the variety of colors.


The Road Home Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults



What’s a garden without a dog playing on the side and a barn house in sight?

This unique kit from Ledgebay features a garden on the road home, hence its naming. The painting is mostly shades of green, blue, and beige, with a subtle touch of burgundy on the barn.

Its details are a bit intricate, so it requires some patience and a lot of time. However, it’s suitable for beginners, as well as advanced artists.

You won’t have to buy anything aside from the kit itself. It comes packing everything you may need, including a wooden easel to elevate your canvas while painting. Additionally, you’ll receive a full set of acrylic colors, four different brush sizes, hanging hooks, and a reference picture.

There’s a framed version in case you want to hang it after you’re done, but it costs a lot more than the unframed one.


Sakura Garden Acrylic Paint Number Kits Paintworks



The Japanese folks did well by choosing Sakuras to be their national flower.

Sakuras, or cherry blossoms, supposedly represent optimism, renewal, and the end of winter. The subtle pops of pink are meant to mark the start of spring, which is depicted beautifully in this paint by numbers canvas.

Although Sakuras are the center of attraction in the painting, there’s an array of different flowers in vibrant colors on the sides. The bridge also stands elegantly over the lake, forming a circle with its reflection in the water. Paired with the serenity the lake water provides, the painting becomes a majestic escape on your wall.

The kit is more affordable than most options on this list, making it suitable for users on a tight budget. Despite that, it includes the paint, the brushes, and the hanging hardware. The canvas comes unframed, though, so that’s one thing to consider before buying.


Final Thoughts


Paint by numbers kits already look beautiful, and they’re painted like real art pieces. Let alone when they feature gardens and flowers, which are the epitome of beauty and tranquility.

No matter which kit you choose from the options above, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of fun, and you’ll end up with a pretty piece to hang on your wall!

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