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Paint Plot Reviews, Alternatives, and Tips

paint plot reviews

In this article, we’ll explore Paint Plot reviews written by people who actually bought their products. We’ll also list some tips that help you finish your artistic projects. And some alternatives to help you recreate high-quality art pieces, even if you’re a beginner.

Paint Plot sells a lot of paint by numbers kits. Here’s what to expect quality-wise and what alternatives there are – our full review.

Paint by numbers kits are exciting art projects that allow everyone to explore their artistic side. These projects are created by professional artists. They enable everyone to recreate their marvelous paintings by following a simple guide. Each kit comes with a detailed outlined canvas. You simply have to fill in the divided areas to finish your painting.

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Paint Plot is a well-known name in the world of paint by numbers. You might have encountered some of their products while researching for your next artwork project. But will your kit deliver what it promises? Will you be able to recreate an impressive artwork?

Paint Plot Reviews

Paint Plot Reviews

Paint Plot was founded by a couple, Michael and Tova, who wanted to help other people recreate art. They believed in the therapeutic powers of painting. However, they knew that not everyone has the talent needed to create art from scratch. Some people have the talent but lack the courage or time to finish an art project.

This is where they got the idea of paint by numbers kits. The kits feature a recreation of an already finished piece of art, finished by a talented artist. The drawing will be outlined on a plain piece of canvas and divided into different areas. Each area has a number that corresponds to a certain shade. The person who buys the kit will have to fill in each space with the right color.

The idea is simple, yet the results are supposed to be impressive because there will be no room for mistakes. The shades have already been chosen by a talented artist, and when you buy the kit, you’ll have to fill in the outlined area. Several people have bought Paint Plot ready to color kits and were able to review this service.


Plot Paint offers several types of paintings divided into different categories. This allows you to pick what suits your taste and space. The kits are divided into fantasy, floral, urban, animals, oceans, galaxy, and more. This makes your job easier, especially when you’re looking for a specific theme.

This will save time if you’re picking a paint by numbers kit as a gift for a loved one. You can choose something that appeals to them as you focus on browsing a specific category. Paint Plot also offers a guide to help first-timers master the paint by numbers technique.


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Plot Paint paint by numbers kits are generally of good quality. The canvas is the right thickness, so the paint doesn’t damage the surface or run into other areas. This is essential because if you’re painting for the first time, you might lose interest if your project doesn’t go as smoothly as it should.

However, several users reported that the kits look a little different from the drawings on the box. The finished piece can be less bright or a little faded, so they needed to make some adjustments to recreate the painting in the way it should look like.

This might be a serious problem for someone who’s trying painting for the first time. Mixing different shades to create the right one can be too challenging for a first-timer, and even if you can do it, the result might not be what you expect.


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Paint by numbers kits are popular because they allow everyone to explore their artistic side, even if they have no experience with painting or drawing. This is why it’s crucial to choose a kit that comes with straightforward instructions and guaranteed results.

Some users reported some problems with Paint Plot instructions. They were a little confusing and, in some cases, incomplete.

For someone who has some painting experience, this might not be a big issue because they can improvise to recreate the painting. Nevertheless, if you’re painting for the first time or buying this kit for a kid or a teenager, this might be a big problem.

People who have no previous experience with painting felt that Paint Plot kits were probably designed for more advanced users. In some cases, the numbers on the outlined canvas were too small to read, so they had to rely on their taste and experience to create the right shade by looking at the picture on the box.


Unfortunately, there were some issues regarding Paint Plot shipping. Although the website states that kits can be shipped as soon as within 2 days, some people had to wait for months to receive their orders. This can be a real problem if you’re buying the paint by numbers kit for a special occasion, like a summer vacation, or want to send it to someone as a gift.

Paint Plot Reviews – Alternatives

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Luckily, there are several services that offer fantastic paint by numbers kits that you can experiment with, regardless of your age or previous artistic experience. Ledgebay specializes in these straightforward kits, offering the creations of several outstanding artists, including Judy Buswell, Ken Zella, and Kim Norlien.

Placing your order is easy and fast, and you’ll receive a complete kit that helps you finish an art project in no time. Each kit bought arrives with all the necessary brushes, a complete set of acrylic paint, and an easel to facilitate your work. You’ll also receive detailed instructions, in addition to a sample of the finished project that works as a guide.

The canvas is of amazing quality, and the paint dries fast, allowing you to finish your project quickly and guaranteeing the best results. The shape is divided into smaller areas, clearly numbered, so you can fill them with the right shades.

There’s a wide variety of amazing designs that you can choose from, depending on your taste and the occasion, so you will definitely find a kit that works for you.

Tips For Choosing the Right Paint By Numbers Kit

Paint By Numbers Kit

There are literally tens of services that offer paint by numbers kits, so finding the suitable kit might not be the easiest task. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right artwork project.

  • Make sure that your kit is made of high-quality canvas and arrives with good-quality paint. The canvas should be wrinkle-free and of the right thickness so the material doesn’t absorb the paint before it dries. This will guarantee that the finished project will look as expected. The paint should be of the right consistency to help you create the right shade.
  • You must choose a kit that comes with clear instructions to finish your project in the desired quality. It will also minimize confusion and the time spent to finish the project.
  • Pick a service that offers a complete kit with all the tools you’ll need. This will include adequate brushes, wall-mounting tools, and an easel to make your job easier. Not only will this save you some money, but it will also guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the result.

Paint Plot Reviews – Wrap Up

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Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a project to finish with your kids, or a gift for someone who needs some inspiration, paint by numbers kits represent an excellent solution because they’re straightforward to understand and suitable for everyone. Doing some research is crucial before choosing your paint by numbers kits to guarantee the desired results.

For a complete selection of Ledgebay’s high quality paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!

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