Disney Castle Paint by Number Kits – Where to Get One and Alternatives to Consider


In this article, we’re reviewing our top picks for a Disney castle paint by number kit. To help you choose one that matches your preferences. We’re also sharing a couple of alternatives if you feel like branching out from the traditional options.

When shopping for a paint by numbers kit, painting a Disney castle is one of the first ideas that come to many minds.

Luckily, the world of paint by numbers kits offers a wide variety of Disney castles to paint. There are several with even more diverse and creative plots for you to choose from.


Best Disney Castle Paint by Number Kits


1. Karyees Disney Castle Paint by Number



First up, we have a popular option from Karyees brand. It features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a boat ride looking at the Disney castle with a starry night in the background. It comes with simple instructions. So, it’s great for beginners with patience and time on their hands.

Once completed, this DIY oil painting can be a cute piece of decoration in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It measures 16 x 20 inches, which isn’t too big or too small for hanging on walls.

The package comes with a frameless pre-printed textured art canvas. Also, a set of acrylic paints, and 3 paintbrushes of different sizes.


2. ACANDYL Paint by Number Castle Kit



Another beautiful Disney castle paint by number kit is this one from ACANDYL. It features the classic castle with a bright starry night sky. It’s ideal for kids and adults regardless of their skill level thanks to the included easy-to-follow instructions.

You can choose to match the numbers with their corresponding colors or get creative and use your own mixed colors.

The package comes with a frameless pre-printed textured art canvas. Also, a set of non-toxic acrylic paints, and 3 paintbrushes of different sizes to provide maximum precision. The finished product measures 16 x 20 inches.


3. Kimily Disney Castle Paint by Numbers



This Disney castle paint by numbers kit from Kimily adopts a more colorful theme, so it’s ideal for children and adults who like their paintings brighter and more vibrant. Unlike the previous candidates on our list, this one has a rainbow color scheme that some consider more cheerful and lively.

This kit can effectively help you relax after a busy day by allowing you to focus on painting the canvas sections. Once you’re done, you’ll end up creating a stunning view of a majestic castle overlooking a beautiful river.

This kit comes with a 16″ W x 20″ L frameless pre-printed texture canvas, a set of acrylic paints, a set of 3 paintbrushes, and 2 hooks. You can use it to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, or living room.


4. ACENGXI Disney Castle Paint by Number Kit



Finally, we have a cute option from ACENGXI that shows the beloved character Mickey Mouse dressed as a wizard and casting his magic on the castle in a wonder-winter theme.

Similar to the previous kits we reviewed, this kit can help you unwind after a long day as it lets you focus on painting rather than being anxious. Once you get the job done, you can use the painting to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, or living room

The canvas comes in a 16” W x 20” L size, which is suitable for hanging on walls. The frameless pre-printed texture canvas is quite durable and the set of acrylic paints is non-toxic.

The package also includes a set of 3 paintbrushes of different sizes to improve your precision.


Best Disney Castle Diamond Painting Alternatives


As for the alternatives to Disney castle paint by numbers kits, you should consider the equally fun diamond painting by number kits. Here are our two favorite picks:


5. Amphol Disney Castle Diamond Painting by Number Kit



Our first candidate in this department is the Amphol Disney castle diamond painting by numbers kit. Complete with all the tools you’d need, this package comes with 2 diamond pens, a tray, a piece of glue, and 10 ziplock bags.

The included diamond pens are double-sided where one end sticks the regular 1 diamond at a time, and the other end can stick 4 diamonds all at once. Additionally, you’ll get 30% more diamonds in this kit than average diamond painting kits on the market, so you don’t have to worry about losing or running out of diamonds.

What’s more, the newest version of diamonds has a circular design that offers a higher three-dimensional contrast than square diamonds. As such, your painting will have more vivid colors, minimal or no scratches, and no fading.

Additionally, the Amphol Disney castle diamond painting kit features a high-definition printed waterproof canvas with clear symbols and numbers to protect your eyes from fatigue. The high-strength glue bottom is what ensures that the diamonds won’t fall off the canvas.


6. Syjinghao DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit Walt Disney World



Last but not least, this diamond painting kit from Syjinghao shows a realistic view of the Disney world once completed – the signature castle and all. All the provided diamonds are extremely resistant to fading, so you’ll be able to enjoy its shine for a long time.

Thanks to the round shape of the diamonds, the whole painting has a higher three-dimensional feel. The process of applying the diamonds is very simple yet interesting, providing kids and adults with hours of stress-relieving entertainment.

The included diamonds are the full drill type, which is why they have more vivid colors. The canvas is treated to be waterproof and has an even texture. The background of the castle pattern itself is sticky, topped off with a plastic protective film to maintain the stickiness of the painting so that the diamonds won’t fall off.


Tips for Applying Color in Paint by Numbers Kits


Now that we presented you with our top Disney castle paint by number kits for both kids and adults, here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  1. You should paint the larger sections first, then go smaller as you progress. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll also help you avoid accidental smudging.
  2. Start painting at the top section of the canvas, then move to lower areas as you progress. This will also help you avoid smudges.
  3. While painting, try to fill in all the sections corresponding to the color you’re using before moving using a different color. This will help take away any confusion in terms of the coloring sequence.
  4. Always clean your brush before going in with a different color.
  5. Don’t rush the painting process and allow enough drying time.
  6. Cover the numbers by using multiple layers of paint if the pigmentation is lacking.
  7. Plan the amount of paint you’ll lay down carefully. You should use enough paint to provide good coverage but still try to be as precise as possible. Don’t apply too much paint so you don’t run out of colors mid-painting.
  8. Close the paint cup when not in use. Otherwise, the paint may become too dry to apply.


Wrap Up


There you have it, our top picks for the best Disney castle paint by number kits plus a couple of diamond painting alternatives to get your creative juices going.

To view our complete line of paint by number kits for beginners, CLICK HERE!



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