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Paint by Number Animals Canvases: Top 5 Newbie Friendly

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Channel your inner artist and paint your own masterpiece by checking out these top 5 paint by number animals kits that are newbie friendly!

Ever thought painting from scratch is challenging? Well, painting by numbers (PBN) has become many people’s new friend during the recent lockdown.

Whether you’re a thriving new artist, an animal lover, or you’re just looking for stress relief after a long day at work, PBN will do the trick.

And guess what? It requires zero talent! The only skills required are coloring inside and outside the lines!

How to Start?

After unpacking your PBN package, take a deep breath, and follow these step-by-step instructions before you kick off.

1. Set Up Your Tools

Start by laying down your brushes, paint, canvas, and a cup of water — you’ll need this water to clean your brushes when changing colors!

2. Prep Your Canvas

After laying down your tools, iron your canvas so it becomes free of any creases. Then tape it to a flat surface for simple control and to avoid paint smears.

3. Pick Your Music

Painting is always more fun with some music. So plug in your headphones, play your favorite song, and start painting!

4. Start Painting!

Dip the tip of your brush and start painting the sections in an ascending or descending pattern. Make sure you don’t leave your paint lids open as acrylics dry up quickly!

Top 5 Paint by Number Animals Choices for Beginners

Different animals make you feel certain ways: While some are tempting, others are warm and lovely!

The choices for animal canvases are almost unlimited — available for all preferences, and for all ages.

But for newbies, we recommend these 5 customer choices of paint by number animals canvases.

1. Lovely Monkey

No products found.

Monkeys can be funny, but they can also look cool!

The sharp blend of modern art and jungle vibes will certainly be a wonderful addition to your wall.

The Lovely Monkey canvas will take you to another perspective. The choice of color here is absolutely stunning.

The inviting orange color on the monkey’s face accentuates its features and attracts your eye to the other muted shades.

If you’re a laid-back person who likes to listen to music and chill, this kit is definitely for you.


  • Beginner-friendly wide numbered sections
  • Perfect for beginners
  • A delightful gift


  • Might take some time
  • Frameless canvas
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2. Colorful Dog

Paint by Number, Adults and Children Beginners, Canvas Oil Painting kit, 16X20 inches with Brush and Acrylic Paint. (Dog)
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Paint by Number, Adults and Children Beginners, Canvas Oil Painting kit, 16X20 inches with Brush and Acrylic Paint. (Dog)
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  • ALL TALENT LEVELS: From beginners to pros, any painter will enjoy completing this DIY craft project

A dog is a man’s best friend and a loyal house member. That’s why if you don’t have a dog, this kit will be a keeper on your wall.

The different colors used on this canvas will give you an insight into the colorful personality dogs have.

You will definitely lose yourself in the process of painting it. You might even consider adopting a dog if you don’t have one!


  • Heartwarming, colorful details
  • Relaxing art therapy
  • A gift your child will love


3. White Tigers

Although tigers often seem intimidating, this PBN kit says otherwise. Nothing feels more relaxing than painting with a sense of security.

The blend of wilderness and comfort surrounding the magnificent white mother tiger will surely take your breath away. The dominance of the white color gives the painting a special peaceful vibe.

This canvas will take you on a trip to the warm dimensions of the jungle, where green and white contrast with both security and ferocity.



  • Takes time since it’s detailed
  • Frameless canvas

4. Two Cardinals in the Snow

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Perched on top of tree branches, birds welcome the sun with their melodic chirping, giving us the best Cinderella experience in the morning. The red berries on the branches give the painting a warm feeling.

The picture you see surely doesn’t do this canvas justice. Painting this beautiful canvas will give you the most satisfying result.


  • Easy sections
  • Great time killer
  • Perfect gift idea


  • Some sections require two coats of paint

5. Deer Elk in Winter Snow

No products found.

This magnificent deer in winter snow canvas will claim your heart and make it explode.

Simple details make life look better, and this mother and father deer in the snowy forest is no exception.

You can almost picture the fawn exploring the depth of the forest, while its mother and father look on with pride. We also like how the clouds in the sky above find a peaceful haven over these antlers.


  • Induces a feeling of relaxation
  • High-quality paint
  • Suitable for painters of all levels


  • Small sections
  • You might need to mix colors to get accurate shades

Paint by Number Animals Kit Features Checklist

Your all-inclusive PBN Kit will have:

While the beginner kits are supplied with all the things you’ll need, you might want to level up for a more professional result.

Since the provided brushes are a bit basic, we recommend investing in a set of higher quality brushes.

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  • BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED BIRCHWOOD with 7 layers of protective lacquer coat for a professional look. Triangular handle provides the perfect...

Paint by Number Animals – Extra Tools You’ll Need

Since we all love paying attention to details, going the extra mile will enhance the final look of your canvas and make you feel like a professional!

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Since some of the numbered sections might be too tiny to see, we recommend using a magnifying glass.

If you don’t, you can just take a digital picture of your canvas with your phone and zoom in!

A Cup of Water

You’ll need a cup of water by your side to wet your brushes before dipping them in the paint. This will fix the paint better to the bristles and give a lighter paint texture.

Brawny® Tear-A-Square® Paper Towels, 6 Triple Rolls = 18 Regular Rolls
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  • Unique quarter-sheet option for smaller tasks so your roll can last longer.

The paper towels will help you dry your brushes from excess water. A little water is necessary, but be careful not to soak your brush, or else it’ll ruin the whole canvas.

Why Should I Start With Paint by Number Animals Canvases?

Because who doesn’t love animals? The best part about painting animals is that you even get to choose your favorite!


Although PBN doesn’t require any skills whatsoever, animal canvases make it even easier to visualize the end results.

Fun activity

This one is for those who have children at home. Painting both your and their favorite animals can give you valuable bonding time with your child or sibling.


PBN is generally known for having a de-stressing effect called ‘art therapy’, which will enhance your mental health and boost your concentration.

Could Be Used in Many Ways

After finishing your PBN masterpiece, you can simply frame it and hang it on your wall.

PBN canvases can also be a beautiful gift to the ones who love art and appreciate the effort. So whatever your choice is and however you will use your finished masterpiece, you won’t regret it.

Paint by Number Animals – Wrap Up

ifymei Paint by Numbers for Kids and Adults Beginner, DIY Gift Canvas Painting Kits for Boys and Girls, 16x20 Inch Colorful Cats and Butterflies [Without Frame]
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While you’re in the progress of learning how to paint, the art therapy that comes along with those DIY kits is totally worth the time and money.

Painting by number will guarantee peace of mind. If you’re striving to be an artist, it’s never too late!

If you can’t find your spirit animal among the top 5 list, check out other paint by number animals canvases that will take your breath away.

For a complete selection of all of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!

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