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Paint by Numbers for 5 Year Olds – 5 Options for Hours of Fun

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Paint by numbers for 5 year olds shouldn’t be too complicated. Here’s a list of our picks rated well by customers with 5 year old kids.

The first paint by numbers kit was invented in 1951 by Dan Robbins, creator of Palmer Paint Co. based in Detroit.

He got the idea while he was reading about Leonardo Da Vinci. Robbins read that Da Vinci taught his students how to paint using the numbering patterns technique on a canvas.

Painting by numbers gives your child a guided process to make their own painting. It stimulates their brain, keeps them engaged, and enables them to enjoy painting for hours. Not to mention that it allows them to produce masterpieces worth hanging on the wall.

Top Paint by Numbers for 5 Year Olds

1. Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint By Number Kit

Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint By Number Kit Fairy Garden, Kids Watercolor Art Kit
  • KIDS PAINT BY NUMBER - Bring a whimsical fairy garden to life with vibrant watercolors as you use Faber-Castell EcoPencils to color in and paint...
  • INCLUDES 1 PAINT BY NUMBER BOARD - The Fairy Garden Paint by Number set features a real canvas to color in and add a watercolor wash to bring...
  • PREMIUM WATERCOLOR PENCILS - Paint 1 fairy garden canvas board with 7 high-quality Faber-Castell Watercolor EcoPencils and a paint brush...

Does your child tend to create a big mess after painting with watercolors? If yes, then this is the perfect kit for him/her.

This kit comes with seven break-resistant water-colored eco pencils that are made from reforested wood. The paint is in the pencils; all you have to do is add water to it.

The kit is available in many different styles, including the fairy garden, cupcake pop art, peace sign, and unicorn.

A number color guide is provided with the kit and it’s printed separately from the canvas to allow the children to color the picture with their own creativity or to follow the guide.

It additionally includes a paintbrush, double-sided mounting tape, 1-9” square pre-printed artist canvas, and a foam mounting board.

The colors include blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, red, and magenta. The color key will additionally teach three mixing combinations for a total of 14 bright colors.

2. Ledgebay Welcome Home

The brand Ledgebay creates different types of paint by number kits. They created this color by number kit, which includes an 12”x16” canvas, in different styles that kids will find very appealing.

This kit is pre-framed, and includes a set of acrylic paints, three paintbrushes, and an easy to follow instructions guide.

For the light colors provided, such as the white paint, you can use the paint twice to give it a double coating with thick paint. The paint is best used directly on the canvas without the need to add water.

3. Faber-Castell Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night

Faber-Castell Paint by Number Museum Series - Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night - Paint by Numbers for Adult Beginners & Young Artists (Packaging May Vary)
  • PAINT BY NUMBER ON CANVAS – Learn to paint like the masters! Follow the guides to recreate the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh with acrylic...
  • PAINT BY NUMBERS FOR ADULTS – The perfect paint set for adult paint by number beginners and young artists alike! This Starry Night paint by...
  • DIY PAINT BY NUMBER – Our guided paint by number paint kit are printed separate from canvases to allow you to follow the guide, or color in...

Even your child can recreate Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Starry night on a real artist canvas! This paint by numbers kit helps with stimulating your child’s intelligence, confidence, and builds their concentration.

It has intricate details that make the overall results of the painting look incredible. This particular kit will help improve your child’s painting skills at a remarkably fast pace.

They additionally have other styles similar to the Starry Night painting in their Museum Series. They have The Eiffel Tower, Sunflowers, Water Lilies, Irises and, The Japanese Footbridge.

The set includes one 6″x8″ illustrated artist canvas, a color number guide, chipboard easel, six acrylic paint colors, a paintbrush, and a hang tab.

If you ever lost the color guide, you could easily print it online.

4. Ledgebay Climber Frog

Ledgebay Beginners Paint by Number Kit - PBN Art Set with Wood Handle Paint Brushes, Instructions Sets, Paint by Numbers for Kids, Kits Include 12" x 16" Framed (Climber Frog)
  • PAINT BY NUMBERS KIT: Bring out the artist in you and let yourself indulge in the process of creating a masterpiece on a canvas using vibrant...
  • EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS FOR PAINTING: The DIY paint by number kit uses an easy-to-follow number system. Each canvas has pre-printed numbers along...
  • CREATE A BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE: Add life to the canvas step by step using the vibrant color palette that is provided along with the kit. Let your...

Ledgebay’s set includes a canvas printed with a brightly colored tree frog.

The set includes a pre-printed art canvas, a set of acrylic paints, an instruction manual, and three paintbrushes of different sizes.

Once your child completes it, this will certainly look great on the wall, with its pretty and colorful scene.

5. Ledgebay’s Liam the Lion

If your child is an animal lover, they’ll surely praise you for getting them this paint by numbers kit. Ledgebay’s canvas features an image of a friendly lion rendered with beautiful colors.

The set includes a pre-printed picture art canvas, three pieces of brushes, and a set of acrylic paint. It measures 12”x16” for kids, which is fairly large, which will make your child feel like a professional painter after completing the portrait.

This kit will help your child stay away from the radiation of electronics and games. It’s a perfect learning toy for your children, and after they finish it, they’ll have a great sense of achievement.

Paint by Numbers for 5 Year Olds – 6 Paint by Number Tips for Kids

Here are some helpful tips that will help your child get started with paint by numbers kits.

1. Darkest First

Use the darkest colors in your canvas first. This will help your child understand the composition of colors in a better way.

2. Quiet Place

A peaceful, quiet place where there are no distractions is the best place to let your child paint. In peace, they can concentrate better and maintain focus on the theme of the painting. Make sure the place they’re in is bright enough for them to see the colors properly.

3. Clean Brushes

Make sure to help your child clean the brushes every time he/she switches from one color to another. This will help prevent colors from mixing.

Also, paint tends to dry quickly, so if it’s not washed immediately, the brush will be ruined. You can use a wet towel or a brush-cleaning bowl with a bottle of water for easy cleaning.

4. Clean Space

Children tend to create a big mess when using paint. It’s very useful to cover the area with old newspapers to make sure you keep the area clean.

Granted, the paint included in most paint by numbers kits for kids isn’t very liquidy and the risk of the paint drying up isn’t high, but still, an effort must be made to keep the painting area clean and tidy.

5. Close the Paint Cup

When the paint cup isn’t in use, close it. This will prevent the paint from drying. Once your child completes the painting, you can cover the paint with a coat of clear acrylic sealer.

6. Let Your Kids Take Breaks

Don’t let them complete the painting in one go. Let them do it in parts and make them enjoy the process. When your children are in doubt, just let them know that Leonardo Da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa in 7 years! So, no need to rush.

Paint by Numbers for 5 Year Olds – Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than unlocking your child’s creativity and providing them with an outlet to express their imaginative and artistic abilities.

That said, one of the best ways to do that is to use paint by number kits for kids, as they allow children to create delightful masterpieces that they can be proud of.

Any of the above kits could work amazingly with 5 year olds. However, we highly recommend the Ledgebay Paint by Numbers Kits. They are more intricate than most other options, and so it’ll improve your child’s painting abilities in a fairly short amount of time.

Another great option is the Colour Talk DIY Oil Painting, Paint by Number Kits. It has a simple layout and your child can choose different animals to paint. They can also use their imagination, along with basic color mixing techniques, to choose any color they want to use.

To view our complete selection of paint by numbers kits for beginners of all ages, CLICK HERE!

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