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Sketch By Number – The Role of Sketching in Painting


Sketching is a foundation of successful drawing, and it’s what makes paint by numbers kits rewarding and easy to follow. So, if you want to know how artists sketch by number, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to learn more about this topic.

Paint by numbers kits allow everyone to explore their artistic side. These kits will enable you to create replicas of famous paintings that have been drawn by some of the world’s most renowned artists, although you don’t have the needed skills.

What is Sketching?

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Sketching is the preliminary drawing of a scene and represents the first step in creating an artistic creation. In most cases, an artist creates a sketch as a rough representation of a drawing that shows the most important elements and their importance in an artistic composition. A lot of historical sketches are considered as masterpieces on their own.

In a paint by numbers kits, sketching is the core of the method used to create a replica of a famous painting. These kits are designed to help you explore your artistic side, regardless of your experience.

An artist draws a painting and focuses on bringing all the details together to create a breathtaking scene. After that, the painting is divided into pieces, and all the needed tools are added to a box. All you have to do is to follow the instructions, and your masterpiece will be ready.

Why is Sketch By Number Important?

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Sketching by numbers is a process followed by artists to make recreating their masterpieces more accessible. Once the artist finishes the drawing, they will divide the painting into pieces and mark them. Every small part is given a number that corresponds to a specific shade.

When you buy a paint by numbers kit, you will receive a numbered sketch and a set of colors. Then, all you have to do is to follow the sketch plan and fill in the spaces according to the numbers you have on the paint pots.

There’s no room for mistake or confusion because you’ll just follow the creation of a talented artist. If you’re not sure about your artistic talent, a paint by numbers kit will give you the needed confidence. When you follow the sketch or plan, you will end up with a replica of the painting you see on the box. Here are some reasons why sketching by numbers is crucial.

How to Finish Your Paint By Numbers Kit In the Best Quality

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If you’re interested in finishing a paint by numbers kit, there are tips and tricks that make your job easier and your painting will look like it was painted by a talented artist. Your kit already comes with all the needed paint and brushes, and you just have to follow the outline and fill in the empty parts. Follow these tips to have an outstanding piece of artwork that everyone will admire.

Pay Attention to the Numbers

Remember that the numbers correspond to the shades that you should use to finish your painting, so any wrong number will make your painting look different from the kit you brought. If a number doesn’t seem clear enough, you can take a look at the picture on the box to see which shade it corresponds to.

At the same time, you need to be careful about the paint shade you’re dipping your brush into. Although you can erase some of the paint if you make a mistake, it would be better if you could avoid one in the first place.

Start in a Descending Order

Take a look at your sketch and identify the largest areas. These should be the ones that you start with when you’re painting. This will help you save time and will keep you motivated, especially if you’re in a hurry because you can see that most of your painting is already finished.

You should also start from top to bottom. Finishing the uppermost sections of your painting first will give the paint enough time to dry without getting in touch with your hands. At the same time, it will prevent accidental smudging. When you start coloring from the bottom, you will have to wait until the paint is completely dry before covering another part that exists at the top of the painting.

Use the Correct Brush

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Because you don’t have much experience, it’s essential to go slow while you’re completing your painting. You should also use the correct brush to finish your masterpiece.

Use a big brush to cover larger areas because it will be more efficient. For smaller areas, use a smaller brush so you don’t apply the paint in the wrong areas. You can also use a small brush for contouring or outlining a bigger area for more precision.

Start With the Right Colors

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There are two theories regarding starting with the right colors to finish your painting. Some artists prefer that you start with the darker colors because they frame different elements in the painting and help bring everything together. They can also show you the relationship between the different shades in the painting, so it feels easier to complete.

However, other artists recommend that you start with the lighter shades first. This will give you a chance to correct your mistake if you accidentally apply the wrong color. Moreover, there will be a smaller chance of smudging because it will be easier to remove the lighter color.

Cover the Numbers

Whether you’re using a light or dark shade in your painting, you need to make sure that the numbers aren’t showing. This is why you should apply one layer of paint and let it dry completely before adding another one.

It’s crucial not to apply two wet layers of paint on top of each other, or your paint will be too thick. If the paint is too thick, it will take more time to dry, and you might accidentally scratch it to expose the canvas.

Sketch by Number – Wrap Up

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Sketching is a crucial part of the painting because it creates an outline that you can easily follow to finish your painting. In addition, it gives you the needed guidance when you’re finishing a paint by numbers kit that is similar to a real art piece.

You should always follow the instructions and pay attention to the correct shades and brushes. You should also start with the bigger areas and start painting from the top to the bottom to avoid smudging. Go slow and be confident. This will help you avoid making mistakes that are difficult to erase.

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